Wendy James – On Location 66

Kamera on Location 66 was shot over 2 weeks on location at Bedruthan Beach, Cornwall in the early summer of 1966 (14th May – 28th May).  Harrison Marks used 8 models to pose on and around the beach, which was used because of it’s secluded nature due to poor access.  There were 4 models the first week, which included Teri Martine, Nicky Stevens, Alicen Warden & of course Wendy James

Hazel Taylor – Spot The Difference?

A good example below of how Harrison Marks edited and airbrushed his photo’s so they got past the censorship laws in the UK and allowed ‘artisitic’ nudes to be published.

The Uncensored Version of Hazel Taylor in All Her Untouched Natural Glory!

How The Same Photo Appeared in Solo No.60 (1968) With Her Pubic Region Discreetly Airbrushed Out, So Not To Show Any Pubic Hair & Leaving Everything To The Imagination!

Connoisseurs Choice Vol.4 No.1 Cover Featuring June Palmer

My latest acquisition just arrived, a copy of Connoisseurs Choice and Modelling Review Vol.4 No.1 with a very young June Palmer on the cover.


A small 14 by 21cm (5½ by 8¼ inches) magazine consisting of 24 pages of mostly full page photo’s of models nude, topless and in various types of lingerie.   Undated but probably late 1950’s and this copy contains 4 full page shots of June Palmer that I’ve not seen before (I’ll scan & publish them soon!)
There are also some great adverts for photo sets and models for hire with some well known faces, such as Lorraine Burnett and Virginia Green to name two!

I also got CC & MR Vol.2 No.4 featuring Eve Eden, some more to come!