Kamera Calendar 1964 (Jan – June)

Time to start another Kamera Calendar year, this time with 1964. This is the first six month and also includes a cover for the calendar featuring Pamela Green.
Cover – Pamela Green

January – Elaine Desmond

February – Margaret Nolan

March – Ann Walker

April – Vivienne Warren

May – Pamela Green

June – Marie Deveraux

The first appearance of Vivienne Warren in the Kamera Calendar and my favourite shot of the first six months. Vivienne is the only model to appear twice in this years calendar and for a change Pamela Green in her many guises only appears once (excluding the cover)!

Pamela Green – The Snow Queen!

Another stunning shot of Pamela Green in the snow and wearing a blonde wig by Zoltan Glass.  Another from the snow photo set of which I have two on this post and another from the Lilliput publication in 1952.  Don’t know where the above shot appeared originally, but is my favourite so far. (Source: La Dulzura on Tumblr)

Lorraine Burnett – Come To Bed Eyes!

What must be my favourite shot of this set of Lorraine Burnett with short blonde hair posing on the bed.  Shot by Harrison Marks for Kamera or Lorraine’s appearance in Solo No.2 and re-printed in ‘Just Lorraine Burnette’.