Bobby Sparrow – Bird With a Bush! (Original)

Something a little different this morning and one to warm you through on a cold winters morning! This original of Bobby Sparrow (love the name!) comes direct from Terry and his archive of vintage beauties that he’s had the pleasure of photographing over his career. Normally this type of image is better suited over on my Days Gone By Porn blog as it’s a more 1970’s type of shot, but as it’s from Terry I’ve decided to keep all his shots in one place.
Taken in August 1972 at Pegwell Bay in Kent, this is one of two shots sent through by Terry showing Bobby posing nude on the beach in what seems to be a wig, but showing off her magnificent figure and bush! Until Terry sent these shots I’d not come across Bobby at all and on searching there is very little out there about her. She seems to have posed for Oui in January 1976 and made a few appearances in some 1970’s sex comedy films, but that appears to be it under the name Bobby Sparrow, unless anyone knows her under a different name? I’ve also asked Terry if he knows any more about her. Still a cracking original shot of her ūüôā

Down in the Dungeon with June (Original)

The fifth shot of June from the¬†set of 8 original Harrison Marks glamour slides (Set No.60). ¬†This negative took more restoring due to a heavy green/magenta tinge to it than the others, but it came up OK. A great shot of June standing nude in the infamous dungeon set with her hands crossed in front of her for modesty! ¬†I recently purchased the 1963/64 Kamera Special ‘The Fabulous June Palmer’ by Harrison Marks and on the inside cover is an advert (below) for slide sets of June by GHM, including set No.60, which is described as a mixed studies set, but also dates the set.

Vicky Ashley – Barn Door View (1969)

Last, but by no means least the final of the three shots of Vicky Ashley by Terry Sparks. Taken in 1969 this shot shows Vicky posing in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor by the enterance to an old barn in blue panties and white jumper pulled up. Another cracking shot of Vicky by Terry and thank to Terry for continuing to share his shots with me.

June Palmer – An Gift From the Gods! (Original)

After a delayed start to the New Year (PC failure) my first June post of 2015 comes from an original scan of a June negative from Kevin. This shows an uncensored shot of June on the Roman set posing in front of some double doors.  Taken by Harrison Marks this shot was also published in a censored cut down version on page 2 of Kamera No.69 (1965), but I prefer this fuller un-retouched version.

Thanks to Kevin for sharing and Happy 2015 to everyone now I’m back!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

June Palmer Starring The Sheepskin Rug! (Original)

The second shot from a set of 8 negatives I purchased of June posing in long blonde wig at Scotlee studios in the 1970’s. ¬†All 8 images have June either posing on a¬†sheepskin rug or in front of a bamboo room divider or both! Very little restoration required as the negatives were very good quality, just a slight colour tweak to cut the reds.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

June Posing at Scotlee Studio (1979)

A beautiful pose and shot of June taken by Itsgardin at Scotlee Studio in 1979, nothing more to say really other than enjoy!

June on Glass, Box 1 Plate No.4 – An Intimate Study (Original)

The fourth shot of June converted by John from a set of original glass photographic plates taken by Leslie Bainbridge in 1960 (12th August).

This has to be one of the more intimate shots of June I’ve seen, as it clearly shows her¬†smooth nether region and protruding labia. There are other uncensored shots of June in her early career, but most offer a front view and don’t show the detail as in¬†this shot. ¬†Likewise later in her career she has a more natural look that hides the labia, which is an erotic look in itself. This view of her with no hair just seems so much more intimate and not a view we often see, either by the way June has posed or at the hand of the retouchers! A stunningly intimate pose from June!

June Palmer – Long Black Negligee Studio Pose (Original)

The start of another small set of images of June from John, this time posing in a familiar long black negligee. This time she’s posing in a studio setting with a nice red background and very 1960’s red and white chair!