June Palmer & The Towel Turban (Original)

A curious shot of June sent through by John from one of his original negatives. This has June posing naked in a back room by the back door which leads into a conservatory/sun house, with a towel or a towel turban! A very odd pose indeed, even more so if you add in the photo on the sideboard and little windmill. Obviously a working home, maybe Ewhurst?


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Dawn Grayson as Liza Martelle (Original)

Dawn Grayson by Harrison Marks on the ‘Backstage set’ at Lily Place Studio’s wearing long blonde wig as ‘Liza Martelle’ in a pink underwear set. I love this shot of Dawn, although I do think she looks a little slutty in this set with those panties pulled up between her cheeks! This is an original scan of a negative from Kevin and again it’s good to see a full version of the negative against the version printed in the magazine here

Hilde Beck – No Support Required! (Original)

I had forgotten that I had this shot of Hilde Beck on the Egyptian set by Harrison Marks! This is a scan of an original negative sent through by Kevin before Christmas and although not the best composed shot, it still shows a lovely rear view of Hilde, but I doubt she really needed any support 🙂

June Palmer – Purple Pose (Original) & 500th Post!

The purple Chaise lounge and sheepskin rug make a reappearance in this studio shot of June sent through by John. Taken in the 1970’s at Scotlee studio’s June is seen elegantly reclined on the chaise lounge, giving us a perfect view of her body with a hint of bush with the sheepskin rug spread out majestically before her! I may be wrong but this looks to be a different from this purple chaise lounge set and at least the third set I’ve seen with June posing on it.

I also just realized that this is also the 500th post dedicated to June on the site, which isn’t bad going!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Bobby Sparrow Uncovered -1972 (Original)

After my post last week of an original photo of bobby Sparrow on the beach at Pegwell bay, Terry has now sent through several more shots of her. They including this shot of Bobby without her wig and Terry remembers that he worked with her several times during 1971 and 1972, mostly shooting the stockings and suspender belt style photo for the American market. She usually wore the wig and the only picture of her without one is above, but it does match the to a similar one published in Oui.
Terry also recounts that she was a very lively girl and good fun to have a laugh with –  I remember one occasion when she proudly showed me her pubic area trimmed into a heart shape. I think her current boyfriend was a hairdresser.

I don’t know what happened to her after about 1973 as we lost touch, but I did see a rather distressing article in a national newspaper sometime in the mid 1990’s. It concerned an ex-glamour model called Roberta something who had developed MS and was terminally ill. There was a picture of a very sick lady laying in bed and I just could not make up my mind if it was her or not. I do remember that her real name was Roberta, so it may have been her or it may have been someone totally different.
Thanks to Terry for the story and hopefully the last part isn’t true and it wasn’t Bobby, but unfortunately these things do happen. Thanks also to Terry for more shots of Bobby at Pegwell bay and that heart shaped bush!

June & The Bamboo Room Divider (Original)

A shot of June with longer hair taken at Scotlee Studio in the 1960’s posing with a bamboo room diver as a backdrop. This shot comes from a scan of an original negative from Kevin and the bamboo divider seen here features in several photo shoots of June in the 1960’s and 70’s including a set of negatives I have of June in long blonde wig.

Gloria Lomax – The Full View (Original)

I posted a cropped version of this original of Gloria Lomax shot last year as it was published in Kamera No.88 (1968) on page 8. I’ve now been sent a scan of the original negative from Kevin, which gives us a full view of both Gloria and the ornate furniture at Ewhurst Manor Walden Manor. I love it when I get an original of an image also published in Kamera, as you get to see the full picture and the superior quality of a negative scan. 
The size and quality of the scans I get is much larger than you get to see on here, as unfortunately I reduce the size down to 800 pixels to stop those unscrupulous people that think it’s OK to just take these images and resell them as prints! For example the original was over 2250 pixels in size and shows Gloria in close up detail, which can’t be a bad thing! The larger size also makes my life easier if I need to restore or remove any minor blemishes, although the images from Kevin and others are usually so good little additional effort is required. Anyway enjoy the full view!

Thanks to Terry for point out that it was Walden Manor not Ewhurst in this image 🙂

Dazzling Della Fox (Original)

My first Della Fox shot of the year and what a stunner! Sent through by Kevin from an original negative, this wonderful shot has Della looking very elegant on the bed in stockings, suspenders, long black gloves and some very fancy dangly earrings. Nice to see her back with the blonde look after the last darker shot of her.