June Palmer – Cardigan, Leggings & Tree! (Original)

Another original shot of a young June Palmer posing in spotted leggings and black cardigan, as she poses against a tree. This is the start of another mini set of 12 images of June and the Tree from a 35mm film strip sent over by John. They aren’t as good quality as some of the larger format negatives, but with a little tweaking and scratch removal they come up pretty well, like this shot. This shot is about as risky as the shots I’ve got go, with one boob and nipple exposed. I’m sure there must be further films out there where she removes more, but maybe not?


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

R is for Rhodes (Xmas Calendar)

I’ve posted several individual shots of the three models Marianne Morris, Venetia Day and Dinah Challen by Terry Sparks on Rhodes, but very few of them all together, other than in a few magazine articles. But this shot sent by Terry changes that, not only does it feature all three models, but it’s a colour shot of them as well. A fab shot of all three as they lay out in the sun, drying off from obviously being in the sea and giving us a flash of their tits! I’m not sure if this was an intentionally posed shot by Terry or a quick snap shot of them as they relaxed, maybe Terry can enlighten us?


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

Teresa Seymour (1950’s)

A rare shot from a restored 10 by 8 print of Teresa Seymour, whom posed for Harrison Marks in the mid-fifties and only featured on early postcard sets and two photos of her were published in Kamera No.1 (1957). I’m not sure if this was taken by GHM, but a great close up shot of Teresa’s best assets! Incidentally one of the two shots of Teresa published in Kamera No.1 has her sat naked drinking from a cup and saucer, well why not! Thanks to Oxxbridge Galleries for allowing me to post a selection of their vast archive of original images.


Note: This is a orignal image and subject to this copyright notice

Penny’s Sexy Seaside Pose (Original)

An original shot of Penny Winters kneeling in the shallow waters on the sea edge on Bedruthen beach, Cornwall taken in May 1966. Penny was one of five models taken by Harrison Marks for the 2nd week of the Bedruthen shoot, the others included Alicen Warden (Robyn), Samantha, Gill Evans and Wendy James. Penny was a smaller framed model with small perky tits and shaven down below and this shot is a particularly good one of her, although I think she needs warming up looking at the goosebumps on her!

This shot came from a scan of an original negative and as far as I’m aware wasn’t used in the published version of ‘Kamera on Location 1966’, but may have been published at a later date in one of the regular Kamera editions, although I’ve not come across it yet. Still a stunning seaside pose from Penny!


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice

June Palmer – Colourful Cushions (Original)

The second shot from a set of six of June posing at Scotlee Studio’s on a set of ‘colourful cushions‘. Scanned and restored from my own 35mm slides, the colours in this shot, both from the background and cushions really work well against June’s naked body as she lies on the cushions. We also get to see a familiar prop used in other shots of June and other models at Scotlee, the bamboo room divider 🙂


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.