On The Right Track with Margaret (Original)

Margaret Nolan with longer hair posing for Harrison Marks on a railway line, probably on location down in Cornwall, as he’s used this track and location in shots before with other models. This image of Margaret also seems to come from the same shoot as this shot of her in the forest, as she seems to have the same hair style and make-up.

A stunning shot of Margaret on the tracks and she looks quite young in the shot, but still probably early to mid 1960’s I think?


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June Palmer – A Quick Drinks Break! (Original)

We’ve had cigarette’s, now for booze and fast cars! A brilliant shot of June posing for a publicity shot or advert I assume, sat on the back of a vintage car with a glass of wine in hand.

The Grasshopper Inn, which is prominent in the shot still exists today and can be found in Westerham, Kent and is advertised as a privately owned, recently restored, beautiful Tudor building set in the idyllic Kent countryside.  There are many images of the Inn online, but I couldn’t find this particular view, but I’m sure it has changed considerably since then! It is also close to Oxted and I have other shots of June from this same shoot with her sat on the bonnet and roof of the darker vintage car at a crossroads with Oxted on a sign.

The darker car is possibly a Jaguar, as may the white one be, but not 100% sure? A great piece of June Memorabilia that is different from the normal glamour related stuff and a snapshot of things back then.

Update: Thanks to MadMax who sent this message to me – ‘The cars are both Elva Couriers and this looks very like a publicity photoshoot for advertising or brochures. Elva were based in Bexhill, then Hastings so this part of Kent would have been almost on their doorstep.’. Madmax is spot on because if you go to the Elva website there are two colour photo’s taken outside the Grasshopper at the same time as the one above, one even has June in it with the title “Arrive in style and enjoy a glass of ‘warm’ beer and a Babycham for your lady.” – Fantastic and thanks to MadMax.

On further searching I’ve found another shot of June posing in a bikini in a white Elva here, that identifies the car as a 1961 Trojan-built MkIII Elva Courier. I also found ‘Fast Elva Ladies’ Page featuring June in two shots as well here. Which then also led me to this image of June I’d already posted in the now identified car 🙂

I love stumbling across things like this and all from one image 🙂 More images of June and the Elva to come …


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Valerie Jones & Her Glass Cutters! (Original)

Another of the less published models of Harrison Marks on this site is Valerie Jones and the only other shot I’ve published of her is this one. One thing obvious in both shots is Valeries ‘Glass Cutter’ Nipples, as in both shots and a few others I have they seem to be very pointed and prominent. One assumes it was the natural state of them, more than anything else 🙂 Thanks to Kevin for sharing this shot of Valerie.

June Palmer – Wooden Bench Beauty! (Original)

A second stunning nude shot of June posing on a rustic wooden bench in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor from the ‘Ewhurst Escapades‘ set. This is a more full on frontal shot than the other shot on the same bench. We get to see much more of June’s great figure, posed as to not reveal too much, but enough to titillate!


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