June In The Dunes (Original)

An original shot of June in the familiar ‘Black Striped Bikini‘ posing in the sand dunes for Arthur Howell in the mid 1960’s, whilst on holiday somewhere in the UK.  I’ve also added this to the ‘June on Holiday‘ set and thanks to John for sharing this original with me, as I’ve seen plenty of shots from this set, but not this one 🙂

A Cuddle From The Boss! (Original)

A different shot from an original negative, showing a semi informal shot of Harrison Marks himself posing with Monique Devereux in the late 1960’s. Taken on a sunny day in the grounds of either Ewhurst or Walden (at a guess) it shows GHM giving scantily clad and topless Monique a cuddle for the camera. I’d say a rare shot of GHM in front of the camera, but there seems to be plenty of informal shots around of him with the models taken by his team, and there was always such a photo at the beginning of most editions of Kamera and Solo.  A great shot of him regardless and he has a big grin on his face, but wouldn’t you with your arms wrapped around Monqiue dressed like that!

The camera you can see to his side is an Arriflex cine camera, probably 16mm with extendible hood, so obviously shooting one of the many glamour films he did with Monique.


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Anna Verdi – A Woodland Houri!

Anna Verdi as Nanette Pouchard from France, appearing as a woodland houri in Heels and Hose Vol.3 No.3 Quarterly edition (1961) covering April/May/June. I had to look up what Houri meant as I hadn’t got a clue with that one, but it means a voluptuously beautiful young woman, or nymph both very apt! This scan along with several others come from Oldtimeerotica over on Tumblr, so thanks to Ads for allowing me to share his scans here.

I also noticed looking through the scans that a number of Harrison Marks models appear in the same magazine, but again under different names, including Dawn Grayson, Cleo Simmons and Lena Ellis to name three. I’ll post those pages soon as well.

The Outlook For June Looks Good! (1965)

A classic June Palmer pose as she looks off into the distance whilst posing on cliffs overlooking the sea. Taken by Harrison Marks and published in Kamera Special No.5 (1965) it gives a good view of June’s hourglass figure in this shot.