Who Shoots First? (Original)

Another unknown 1960’s model sent over by John from Oxxbridge Galleries from a scan of an original print. This one shows a model in black panties, a pair of small tits and guns to match! Not quite sure why the guns, but it did make me come up with all types of suggestive titles, such as, who will unload first, give me both barrels and many more about loaded weapons, but I settled for the title above ūüôā

Oxxbridge Galleries

It’s always good too make new contacts with similar interests, but then who doesn’t like looking at naked women from the past? So it was great to receive contact from John at Oxxbridge Galleries in New York.¬†John is the¬†owner of a New York City based gallery that specializes in nude photography¬†and¬†presently they have a project under way where they¬†are trying to identify a large number of vintage nude model photos from the 1950’s-1960’s. They use to have someone who did this for them,¬†but he is getting on in his years and his health no longer allows him to do this. So they contacted me via the site, as long time admirers and¬†wondered if I¬†knew of anyone who would be interested in such a position. I said I would post the details of the position (below) to see if anyone that uses my site would be interested.

John also runs a large eBay site, selling a large selection of Vintage erotica, which you can find a link to here, but it is based on eBay.com, so you may not get to see all the great images, as they seem to block some adult content if you access the site outside of the US!

Not only that, but John sent me some great vintage images that I can share on the site as well, such as the one above. Not my normal subject area, but who could resist an unknown model with a fantastic body and I just love the padded fireplace in the background! I have others from John to share and look forward to seeing more over time, but it’s always good to make new contacts with shared interests, so thanks John for the images and making contact ūüôā

John’s advert:

NYC art gallery has a part time position available for someone who is knowledgeable about vintage¬† nude female models from 1950’s-1960’s. We are seeking someone to help us identify photographs of these women. The position is for pay and is ongoing as we regularly get new photographs. The successful applicant would work remotely from home identifying digital images we sent them. The models to be identified are a mix of early burlesque stars, adult models and mainstream movie stars from 1949-1969. If interested in the position please email us at oxxbridge@gmail.com