Eva’s Wild Wallpaper

Eva Wild with dark red lips and perfect nips! Posing for Harrison Marks with the familiar floral wallpaper in the background. With perfect make-up those raised eyebrows and closed lips give a look of strictness about her, but then you realize she’s nude and your focus moves to those tits and hint of bush between her arms.

June & The Blue Sheer Sheet (Original)

A studio shot of June posing knelt on a bench with a sheer blue sheet. I’ve not seen any of this set of shots before, so this is a first and I’m trying to work out what type on bench that is, as it looks like and exercise type of bench.  Mind you I know the type of workout I’d like to do with June looking like that 🙂

Elaine Desmond – Pigtails & Rude Rocks! (Original)

A colour shot of Elaine Desmond posing in a rock pool on Bedruthen beach in nothing more than her pigtails. Another appearance of the familiar rock formation in the background, that has appeared in numerous shots of different models.  As someone has noted this particular rock has a very phallic look to it, so probably used by GHM on purpose!

Margaret Nolan – A Sly Look

A young looking Margaret Nolan giving us a sly sideways look as we get a great view of her body in this side on shot. I hadn’t really noticed until this shot how rounded her areola were and with very little nipple definition, or maybe it’s just this shot? You can clearly see she has nipples in other shots, but they are very flat almost sunken in to the areola.  Not a complaint, just an observation 🙂

June Palmer – It’s All in the Eyes! (Original)

A portrait of June looking rather stunning with long hair, looking directly at the camera as she holds a sheer white negligee to her bosom.  You can just see one nipple through the sheer negligee, but what a fantastic look she is giving the camera in this shot.


June Palmer – Miss TV Times Entry (1959)

This isn’t actually a new image of June as I published this image back in July 2013, but this is a much better quality image and comes from a new source that also provided some background to the shot. Another John (I’ll call him JAS!) and another huge fan of June that has his own enviable collection of June memorabilia. JAS has acquired his collection over the years from different sources, including June herself and also had the good fortune to have met and photographed June as well.

This particular shot was taken and submitted for the 1959 Miss TV Times competition and according to JAS the entry form signed by June is glued to the back of this image. I loved this shot when I first published it, but it’s even better when you have the background to a shot.  For completeness I’ve asked if JAS will scan the back so we can see the entry form, so hopefully I’ll be able to add that in due course.

A big thank you to JAS for sending this through along with the background and I look forward to seeing more of his June collection 🙂

Update: Thanks to JAS I’ve now included the hand written entry form from the back of the image below.

June Palmer – It’s a Fair Cop! (Original)

This wonderful image popped up yesterday from John and I just couldn’t resist publishing it straight away! Although obviously posed it shows June posing for a different shot than we are used to seeing her and again with another car in the shot! The original image came from Teri Martine as a print this time and not a negative and then scanned by John and only slightly edited and tidied by me.

A great shot of a young June with a policeman that gave me so many options for the title! John’s original was “Evening all! A copper pulls in a young June Palmer.”, but I also liked ” Caught by a copper, June has her particulars taken down!” or “Sorry Miss Palmer I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on!” or ” I could go on and on with the double entendres!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.