June on Glass, Box 1 Plate No.5 – An Open View (Original)

The fifth shot of June converted by John from a set of original glass photographic plates taken by Leslie Bainbridge in 1960 (12th August).

This is again an intimate and open shot of June, as it clearly shows her smooth nether region and protruding labia. There are other uncensored shots of June in her early career, but most offer a front view and don’t show the detail as in this shot. A very open bodied pose of June half kneeling with her arms above her, but such a pose seems to exaggerate and pronounce June’s labia in this shot, but never makes the shot seem anything other than artistic.  A stunningly intimate pose from June and as you can see the cropped version (top) and original (bottom) are very similar with very little cropping required.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Sultry Sylvana (Original)

One of three prints of Sylvana Manto (Madelaine Bannister) from Kevin, posing on this set with longer hair and the white curtains in the background.  I liked Sylvana before, but Kevin has now got me hooked on this lady with her great figure, dark hair, prefect lips and sultry look. A very classic looking 1950’s/60’s model with great curves and tits too! More of her to come from this set and others.

Ann Austin’s Curves From Below!

Two restored prints of a nude Ann Austin posing above the camera, giving us a magnificent view of her curvaceous body, wonderful boobs and the not so wonderful wallpaper! I prefer the top shot as you get to see more of Ms Austin’s body and her curves, along with a hint of stubble where she obviously trimmed! It looks as though the wallpaper was actually a screen used for posing in front of, as you can see the proper wall and wallpaper behind it in the tops shot. Cracking stuff from Ann Austin though.

A Modest Margaret Warhurst (1950’s)

Another scan from an original Walton slide sent through by Jeff B, this time featuring a known model, Margaret Warhurst. This one took some restoration as it was very red and under exposed, but it has  come up great and shows a great shot of Margaret posing in the studio with a sheer red sheet covering her modesty.

Virginia’s Bedroom Appeal!

Two restored shots of Virginia Green from silver gelatin photographs of her posing on the bed in an open negligee. Virginia is one of those models with such a great curvy figure on display and the top shot shows her figure off perfectly, even the slight roundness of her tummy as she leans forward. What I would class as a real figure 🙂

June Palmer – How Not To Wear a Negligee! (Original)

I’d completely forgotten about these 3 shots of June posing in the studio until Oldiznewagain posted a coloured version of one. Originally sent through by John they show June in the 1970’s posing in the studio not wearing a sheer transparent negligee 🙂 We see some typical poses used by June throughout her modelling career, the coy finger in the mouth look, an over the shoulder look and of course the giving her tits a good squeeze look! Thanks to John for sharing these 3 shots and Oldiznewagain for reminding me I had them. So many June images, so little time!


Joanna in Sheepskin Heaven! (Original)

The fourth shot from a set of 8 of June posing in long blonde wig at Scotlee studios in the 1970’s.  This one has her kneeling in the middle of the sheepskin rug as she looks off right away from the camera.  A great pose that shows June’s body was still as good as ever in the 1970’s, with a hint of bush for good measure.  The other shots published so far from this set can be seen here and will be appearing as a new gallery shortly.


Note: This is a scan from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Could It Be Marie? (1950’s)

A restored 1950’s silver gelatin photograph that on a first look I thought it was young Marie Deveraux, but after looking at it for longer I’m not sure. The facial features a very similar, but the boobs look different from all the shots I have of Marie, but we know how the body develops and changes as you mature, so it could be her?  I know it is an early Harrison Marks photo, so is it her or just a good resemblance?