Caron Gardiner’s Risky Rear View



Two uncensored shots of Caron Gardiner wearing just high heels and giving us a rear view of more than we normally see.  Taken from two restored 35mm slides in September 1962, which were originally colour but converted to black and white as so badly faded. Two great views of Caron, especially the top shot 🙂

June on Glass – Box 1, Plate No.1 (Original)

The start of a new set of over 30 images of June Palmer photographed in 1960, but what makes these more exciting is that these shots are scanned from original glass photographic plates that John has acquired! John has two boxes of 16 plates that he has scanned and sent over to me for editing and publishing, which I will share here over the coming weeks.

There is a longer story behind these than shared here, but more of that when I get more time, but for now I had to share my first edit from this set 🙂 Thanks John!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

June by Bob Robson

Two more shots of a young June, along with these two shots taken by Bob Robson in the late 1950’s. Again from colour 35mm slides and restored to black and white as the colour was so badly faded! Another two beautifully posed shots by June.

Ann Austin – Cushions & Curves

Two shots of Ann Austin with short hair restored from 35mm slides taken in March 1963. These were originally colour slides, but so faded with a magenta hue that the colour was impossible to recover, so better converted to black and white. Colour or black and white it doesn’t really matter as Ann, her tits and curvy figure look great either way!

The Derrière of Doreen Pierre (1966)

Published for no other reason than I just had to use that title and the ring it had to it! Two restored 35mm slides of Doreen Pierre (if that is her name!) from June, 1966. Doreen showing us her wonderful figure and that great behind, with the top shot just showing us a hint of a bit more too!

Caron Gardiner – Uncensored & Exposed


A more explicit shot of Caron Gardiner than we are normally used to seeing, wearing nothing more than black high heels! Taken from an original colour 35mm slide, but unfortunately the colour had degraded so badly I have to convert it to black & white to recover it! The slide was dated September, 1962, but photographer remains unknown. Interesting grooming style Caron is sporting in the pubic region with some hair, but kept trimmed and very low down, not that I’m any expert on hair styles in that area!