Of Course I Won’t Publish Them!

This is a restored 35mm slide of a model known only as Clara and was taken in February 1963. I’ve publish a shot of her before from Karama No.1 here, as she appealed to me. So does this one as she seductively removes her white panties!

June Palmer on a Very Inviting Sofa!

A shot of a very inviting June posing bent forward on a sofa in stockings, white panties and high heels. This came from the centre pages of a magazine and has been edited to remove the staples from June’s bum as it looks much better without them! I’m not sure which magazine this came from, so anyone got any ideas?

June by Bob Robson Restored

I must admit this isn’t one of my best restorations, as the colours were very difficult to recover and the quality of the original wasn’t that good, but a new June shot regardless. It still has a slight pink tinge to it, but much better than it was! Goes with the other shots with the same background here

June Palmer – Laid Back in All Her Glory (Original)

Glory! The start of a new set of June images from 1973 taken by M B at a session in Strobe Studio’s. I’ve posted a few that he sent me before, but I now have the full set, as I put him in contact with John and John bought the whole lot! Thankfully John scanned them all in high resolution all and sent them back to me so that I can share them here. As you can see there is a lot more of June on show here, including her magnificent hairy pussy as she lays back to pose for M B!



Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Jennifer Garland – What a Handful! (Original)

Another original scan from Kevin, this time one of my favourite’s in the shapely form of Jennifer Garland! When I say a handful, I am obviously referring to the pearl necklace in her hands and not the other fine attributes on view! From the same set as this shot, just much better quality.

June on Glass in Colour

This is an interesting one of June that I found over on eBay, as it seems to be a colour shot from the same photo shoot (June on Glass) as the images produced from the glass plate negatives from John. I have 3 colour shots and they all seem to be very similar in the way June poses, the background and June’s look. The originals are very red, so I have  restored them as best I can under the circumstances.