Nina by Harrison Marks

Another model only known as Nina photographed by Harrison Marks in 1968. This shot was again restored from an original GHM slide, but unknown as to if and where the image actually appeared in a publication? I have one other shot from this set of Nina where she reveals a bit more 🙂

Della Fox – All Oiled Up Again!

It seems that either the photographers or Della herself had a thing for getting her body all oiled up for a photo shoot, as the two shots above show.  I’m not complaining mind you as her body and those fabulous tits look great covered in oil and glistening in the light! Two restored negatives from the 1960’s of Della and love the top shot with a cheeky look over her shoulder! I’d be first in the queue to offer to oil her and that body up!

June & The Orange Basque (Original)

June & The Orange Basque No.1

A new shot from a set of June in orange corset and stockings from the 1970’s. I’ve seen several smaller shots from this set on the internet and negatives being sold, but this is the first large image from the set I have been able to get and restore.  A great shot of June with longer hair and love the psychedelic orange Basque!   Anyone got any more from this set?

What still amazes me is the amount of new unpublished shots of June there is still out there.  When I started this blog I knew of some new material from John W and others, but never imagined over a year later the volume of new images would keep on going! I can safely say I have enough old and new content of June to keep this blog going for a long long time and in no small part thanks to the great contributions coming through from everyone … So thanks as always 🙂


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Gloria Lomax by Harrison Marks (1964)

Gloria Lomax (Donna Ambrose) showing all in this restored colour 35mm slide by Harrison Marks (May 1964). Another uncensored shot giving us a glimpse of Gloria below and the fact that although she shaved. Although she didn’t completely, so a ‘French Wax’ or landing strip, that is so popular today and probably rare in the 60’s as they usually seemed to have nothing or everything.

June Palmer – Pink & Yellow Set, Part 3 (Restored)

Another larger image of June Palmer from the Pink & Yellow set. Again, thanks must go to Retrogirly over on Tumblr for the source of  this original image and allowing me to restore it. That now makes 13 images in this set to date.

Rita & The Red Ripped Skirt (Restored)

Another restored negative of Pamela Green as Rita Landre in this ‘Fisherman’s Wife’ Shoot, where she appears with the basket and wearing a ripped white top and red leather skirt. This is the third image I’ve restored from this set so far and have another 4 shots to come!