Jackie Parker’s Red Lips!

A restored full on uncensored shot of Jackie Parker here, wearing nothing more than red lipstick on her full lips. A shot that has more than one set of lips on show and showing Jackie’s curves, figure and shaved nether region all to good effect!

Maxine & The Tiger!

A restored 35mm negative of Maxine Ellis (Elaine Ecke) posing with a tiger skin rug or part of it, by Harrison Marks. I have several of these needing restoration, but most aren’t as good as this, but still a good short of Maxine’s magnificent chest.

Bathroom Strip With Ann Walker

A Bath/Bathroom theme to today’s posts and this is no exception! Ann Walker stripping in the bathroom and showing off her fine figure from a restored 35mm slide. This one wasn’t retouched or censored, rather Ann was shaven and posed in such a way as to not show anything too revealing!

In The Bath With Pamela (Original)

What a superb shot of Pam in the Bath from an original 35mm slide (Pamar possibly) from Kevin. I’ve seen other models posing in this bath with the mirrors like Tina Graham here, but this is the first I’ve come across of Pam in the bath setting.

The colour and quality of this slide are impressive for a slide so old, as all I did was remove the old bit of dirt from the scan and a contrast tweak, other than that it’s as you see before you. I must see if I can get any other shots from this set of Pam from Kevin ūüôā

Love everything about this shot!

June on Glass in Colour – Part 2

A colour shot from the same photo shoot (June on Glass) as the images produced from the glass plate negatives from John. This is the second of 3 colour shots and they all seem to be very similar in the way June poses, the background and June’s look. The originals are very red, so I have  restored them as best I can under the circumstances.

A Hand For Modesty! (Original)

Another original shot of June from a private¬†collection of June shots recently acquired by John W. ¬†Taken in 1973 the original colour version shows June laying on her side either using one hand to cover her pubic region or about to run her fingers through that magnificent bush! I’ll leave you to imagine which one. ¬†I think again the coloured version had a red filter added to it, but this shot doesn’t work as well as others and lends itself to a black and white conversion, as above.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

June & Pam – Blonde on Blonde (Original)

Starting the week with a great scan of an original Harrison Marks negative featuring two of my favourite blondes, June Simpson and Pamela Green. Taken around 1958/59 more shots from this set of June and Pamela went on to appear in Kamera No.18 onwards, including the cover of No.18.
Thanks to Kevin for sharing such a fab shot!