A Pensive Pose by June (Original)

A more serious pensive pose from June as she runs her fingers through her hair. All very serious indeed if it wasn’t for the fact she was also topless! Another shot from this set of June posing topless in a black skirt.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

June Palmer – Wings of a Butterfly (Original)

The fifth shot of June from the ‘Little White Number‘ set of 35mm images. This one showing her opening up the sheer white negligee to reveal her perfectly formed body beneath it. June looks just like a butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon showing off it’s beautiful form.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

Della’s in The Pink! (Original)

A couple of colour transparencies of Della Fox posing nude in the studio. Unfortunately both had degraded very badly to a purple/pink hue and I was only able to recover the colour as abvoe, but there was just too much pink to remove, hence the title 🙂 Still worthy of sharing here, as what shots of Della aren’t? Especially a nude and oiled Della!

It’s Curtains For June (Originals)

Two original shots of June scanned from 35mm negatives by John W and restored by my good self. both show a longer haired June posing in front of some silk curtains, one wearing a slightly opened (pink) dressing gown and a rear view of June with a red sheer sheet around her waist. The silk curtain is also a red and I know this because I have the two same images in colour, but from smaller poor quality scans. This does raise the question as to why there are both colour and black and white negatives out there of the same shot? One assumes they were mass produced for sale as slides in both colour and black and white?

Two great shots of June in front of the curtain that work well in black and white, as well as colour.

Nancy Roberts – An English Rose!

A great shot of Nancy Roberts nude in the garden posing as she inspects a rose. This is from the same set as a shot with her, June Palmer and a friend that I posted over on my Just June site, which originally came from Magoothings over on Tumblr. As previously mentioned I think this could have been taken at Sheplegh Court by Leslie Bainbridge, but a complete guess 🙂