June Palmer – Another Tight View! (Original)

The second shot in the series of June wearing a pair of tights, whilst posing on some battlements! This one is more of a side view with her and on looking they seem to be a tight pair of leggings, rather than tights, as there are no feet to them! Either way they cling to her legs and bum rather well, showing off all her curves.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

Sue Owen – A Look Called Desire! (Original)

I have 3 images of Sue Owen from this set where she has long dark hair with a bow in it, but this is the most revealing of them, as the other two have her in a black negligee. This one came from Kevin’s collection whereas I own the other two, but decided to show them in reverse, so a backward strip 🙂 Sue posed for a while as a blonde for GHM under the alias Suzy Khan, but still undecided if I prefer with dark or blonde hair, but this is a particularly good shot of her with dark hair.

Fancy That, June As a Cat! (Original)

I don’t just publish the normal glamour shots of June throughout her career and beyond, but also other non nude and obscure shots of her I find and get sent. This shot definitely falls into the first category as an obscure one, June in fancy dress as a cat! Sent over by John from his collection we see June in cat costume including whiskers, but for what reason I have no clue! She has quite a startled look on her face in this shot, but great lips is about all you can say!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Who Shoots First? (Original)

Another unknown 1960’s model sent over by John from Oxxbridge Galleries from a scan of an original print. This one shows a model in black panties, a pair of small tits and guns to match! Not quite sure why the guns, but it did make me come up with all types of suggestive titles, such as, who will unload first, give me both barrels and many more about loaded weapons, but I settled for the title above 🙂