Della’s Rose (Original)

Since I received this image from Kevin I’ve not be able to stop staring at it, as it’s an absolute stunner! One of the most engaging and beautiful shots of Della Fox I’ve ever seen, as she stands shrouded in light holding that rose. Everything about it works and shows off her figure and those fantastic tits to great effect, there is even a hint of pussy if you look closely, which I have for a long time 😉

Time to stare at it some more … enjoy! and Thanks Kevin your a star for sharing this beauty.

June in Frilly Whites (Original)

Start of another small set of June from Redheadkinpin over on Tumblr from his own scans. These show June standing on what appears to be a chaise lounge in white underwear with frilly white knickers and stockings. Great shot of June’s cleavage in this one too!