Rosina Revelle – Morning Glory!

An alluring Rosina Revelle as she kneels on a bed in just a pyjama top that barely covers her ample figure and boobs! From a restored silver gelatin photo and part of a small set of Rosina posing in striped pyjama bottom’s and top, but never together 🙂

Rosina Revelle – Tits Like Torpedo’s! (Original)

The young and lovely Rosina Revelle posing in frilly knickers in front of a very retro looking background from a set of restored prints. A fabulous figure, but she did have odd shaped boobs with large puffy areola and nipples that were almost flat and non existent! Tits like torpedo’s as someone recently commented on another image 🙂

Rosina Revelle – Britain’s Bardot! (Original)

A beautiful side profile of Rosina Revelle topless in sheer white panties from a restored silver gelatin photo sent over by Girlymag. In her time she was claimed to be Britain’s answer to Brigitte Bardot, but I never saw Bardot looking like this!

Rosina Revelle – Don’t Call Me Baby!

I mentioned in my last Rosina post about a set of curious silver gelatin photo’s of her posing dressed in a nappy in a babies cot, well here’s one of those images! You can only just see the nappy she’s wearing in this shot, but in others it is more obvious and that’s definitely a cot! The reasons behind this idea I’ll leave to everyone’s imagination, but thanks to Girlymag for sending over more of this bizarre set.

Rosina Revelle – A Short Live Star! (Original)

I’ve never published much of Rosina Revelle, and I can’t really explain why as she meets all my criteria, apart from having never modelled for Harrison Marks. Looking back through my archive I found this image and others of her posing with the star background in the late 1950’s and potentially taken by Russell Gay, but can’t confirm that? I also have many others of her including two shots of her posing in a baby’s cot wearing just a nappy! Don’t ask me why, but the photographer obviously had a fetish for busty women posing like that!

Anyway a cracking shot of Rosina showing off the obvious assets that got her noticed as a young girl 🙂

Rosina Revelle

Not one of GHM’s models but still a well photographed young lady from the late 1950’s.  A well developed chest cut off in it’s prime, when her parents realized the type of modelling she was doing and put an abrupt stop to it! What a shame, as I’m sure she would have had an illustrious career had she continued, or should I say I saw ‘Big’ things ahead for her!