Nancy Roberts – A Walk on The Wild Side!

OK, more like a crawl, but I love this shot of Nancy Roberts kneeling on all fours in the grass, especially the look on her face! A very ‘You want it? Come and get it’ look as she poses like that.

Another from the set of Nancy taken in the grounds of Sheplegh Court in 1959, when she was a mere 20 years old! Looking at the details on the box of these glass plates I now recognise the handwriting as that of Leslie L. Bainbridge, editor of H&E (Health & Efficiency) magazine and then Girl Illustrated. Who also took a set of shots I’ve been posting of Lee Southern as well.

Nancy Roberts – An English Rose!

A great shot of Nancy Roberts nude in the garden posing as she inspects a rose. This is from the same set as a shot with her, June Palmer and a friend that I posted over on my Just June site, which originally came from Magoothings over on Tumblr. As previously mentioned I think this could have been taken at Sheplegh Court by Leslie Bainbridge, but a complete guess 🙂

Lee Southern – Poolside Poses (Originals)

Three more silver gelatin prints of Lee Sothern (Southern) from photographic glass plates. These were again taken poolside at Sheplegh Court down in South Devon in the 1960’s, although in this shoot the pool seems to be empty in these, so maybe a later date than the shot I posted here?

Three great poses by Lee and after a bit of detective work I’ve identified the photographer as  Leslie L. Bainbridge, editor of H&E (Health & Efficiency) magazine and then Girl Illustated.

Lee Southern – At One with Nature! (Original)

Another shot of Lee Southern/Sothern (Grace Jackson) taken on a photographic glass plate in 1960. The location of this one seems to be in the grounds of Sheplegh Court in Devon, as I have other shots of her showing more of the grounds. This set has Lee posing in a more natural state as we get a clear view of her thick dark bush in this shot as she poses out and about. I also love the matching leopardskin scarf and shawl that doubles up as a rug for her to pose on!


Nancy Roberts – A Sunny Outlook! (1959)

A second stunning shot of Nancy Roberts posing on a beach with only a sun hat and beach towel for shade. It comes from a photographic glass plate and was taken in September, 1959 at the beach near Sheplegh Court, Devon. What a body on view, including a peak of her uncensored bits. I’ve also realized that this set of shots of Nancy come from the Michael Winner film ‘Some Like It Cool’ (1962) and although she is never credited in the film, Nancy appears on several posters and lobby cards advertising the film. The shots in the posters seem to be at this location and in similar positions.

Nancy Roberts – Just a Sun Hat For Shade! (1959)

I try to keep the posts and images on this site relevant to the area I’m interested in around Harrison Marks, Russell Gay and their publications, but sometimes I get sent or find shots that push those boundaries. I try and find links between the models and photographers or locations, but sometimes a shot or model doesn’t fall into those categories, but is too good not to post. I also have a number of favourite 1970’s models that don’t meet the same criteria and in the past I have posted shots of them on my other blog over on ‘Daysgonebyporn‘, but keeping several sites going takes time and effort of which I’m finding I have less and less.

Therefore I’m going to push the boundaries of what I post on this site (which is by far the most popular) and if you indulge me post a few none related posts and models. The vast majority will still be related to the main topic on the site, but you can expect the odd unrelated model or image going forward, for which I make no apology 🙂 Most of the shots will still be originals and of the quality you would expect, just more variety.

A good example is the shot above. A stunning shot of Nancy Roberts posing on a beach with only a sun hat for shade. It comes from a photographic glass plate and was taken in September, 1959 at the beach near Sheplegh Court, Devon and the accompanying notes put Nancy at 20 years old in the shot. What a body and what a smile and thankfully I have several others of Nancy at the beach to share along with this 🙂

Enjoy the very enjoyable diversion and let me know what you think about expanding the scope of the site a little?

Lee Sothern – At One With Nature (1963)

A silver gelatin print from a glass photographic plate of Lee Sothern (Grace Jackson) taken poolside at Sheplegh Court, South Devon in 1963 . Research has shown that Sheplegh Court was another naturist resort based around a large manor house and similar to that of Spielplatz Naturist Club, but down in the warmer climates of Devon and was running up until the late 1980’s.

A wonderful shot of Lee with long hair (extensions?) and her tanned body, who was 27 years old at the time this was taken. Unknown photographer, but I’ve seen similar shots of Lee like this that have appeared in H&E magazine, which would make sense with the location. I have several others of Lee at Sheplegh Court, as well as others of her at Spielplatz, so she was obviously doing the rounds at the naturist clubs in the early 1960’s. Also another variation of her name spelling as well, as they did back then 🙂