Doris Hurst – Reclined & Ready! (Original)

Another shot of Doris Hurst from the same set as these shots. I love Doris and her fabulous 1950’s figure and big round firm boobs. This crisp clear copy comes from Girlymag and needed very little in the way of restoring/editing to show her off in the best light. Shame the hands are strategically placed to protect her decency, but what we can see is worth it! I think I have a further two shots from this set to share in the near future, which isn’t enough!

The Art of Nude! (1960’s)

A random shot from my collection of unknown models, but this one is a stunner! I have no idea who this stunning dark haired beauty from the 1960’s is, but looking at the sockets in the background I’d say she was from the US? Regardless of who she is or where it was taken this is a stunningly artful shot that just mesmerises you!

What a fabulous look she has and that open white gown revealing those perfectly shaped tits is just perfect. Even the random stool and cushion don’t detract from her beauty and definitely the art of nude!

A Sophisticated & Sensual Sylvana! (Original)

An outstanding image of a very sophisticated Sylvana Manto (Madelaine Bannister) kneeling on a stool in long black gloves from a restored silver gelatin photo. A fabulously sexy shot of her as she raises her arms above her head giving us a clear view of those rounded tits and curves. A simply stunning shot!

Thanks as always to Girlymag for sharing this image of Sylvana with the site and he’s just listed loads of new prints including this one over on eBay.

Della’s Derrière (Original)

A cheeky shot in more than one way of Della Fox from behind! A beautifully posed shot showing off her bottom with sheer panties pulled down slightly as she perches on a stool. The black garters and high heels all all to the sensuality of the shot. Thanks to Kevin for this print of Della 🙂

Dazzling Dawn (Original)

A third shot from my own collection of the dazzling Dawn Grayson from the ‘Dawn on Red‘ set of slides. She looks stunning in this closer side profile shot with her the red lip stick and small perky boobs contrasting perfectly with the background.


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

Dawn Grayson – Redhead on Red! (Original)

The start of a small set of original shots from my Dawn Grayson collection. This shot is one of four and comes direct from a scan of an original 35mm Kodachrome slide (No.19) taken of Dawn in November 1965. The quality and colour of the slide are unbelievable for it’s age, with very little editing required on the colour or clarity, but the odd speck of dirt removed. In fact all the slides I have from this set so far are all of the same good quality.

Now to the shot itself of Dawn and what a fantastic shot it is! The contrasting reds in this shot, from Dawn’s lipstick, her red hair, the background colour and finally the red of the stool all make this shot stand out. Add in the naked pose of Dawn, with her small perky tits and this is by far one of my favourite colour shots of her. Well at least until I publish the next colour shot of her, then that one will no doubt be a favourite too! My collection of Dawn original negatives continues to grow and currently stands at well over 50 original shots of her 🙂


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Putting June on a Pedestal!

A young June posing in the studio perched on a stool that was restored from a very damaged colour 35mm slide. There were only two colours left from the slide blown out white and magenta, so the only thing to do was convert it to black and white. Still a great shot of June and her figure and worth sharing even if not colour.