There’s No Flies on Pam Arnold (1968)

The above image is of Pam Arnold/Tiffany St.Clair on the cover of Fiesta Magazine Vol.2 No.1 (March 1968) and was sent through by Terry with another great little story. Rather than paraphrase it I’ll post it as sent by Terry as I’m sure he won’t mind and it will make the post title become clear. Anyway over to Terry …
‘Today I saw Pam Arnold on your website and it reminded me of the times I worked with her. One of the first shoots was in the studio and the attached Fiesta cover was one of the resulting pictures, but mostly we used her for filming. At that time Russell Gay had a good outlet in Denmark and we used to supply them with 16mm films depicting the so called “Joy” of nudism. Invariably it involved two girls and a guy prancing around on a beach, throwing large balls about. Any excuse! Pam did a couple of these, once working with Lena Ellis, but I can`t remember who the other girl was in the second film. We were shooting at Pegwell Bay when there was a rather odd incident I recall. Mid afternoon we were suddenly engulfed by a swarm of small black flies. Unfortunately they all insisted on landing on Pam’s pubic area and more or less ignored the rest of us. All very embarrassing for the poor girl, no matter how many she tried to brush off they just kept returning to her most sensitive spot. Finally she threw a major wobbly and we had to pack up and move a lot further along the beach. I think that was the last time we worked with her and I am pretty sure that was when she went to GHM.’
What a fab little story and one worth sharing and I’m sure should Pam ever read this she wouldn’t mind! A big thanks to Terry again for another wonderful little story and accompanying image – Thanks Terry! Also one of the best scans of a Early Fiesta cover I’ve seen, so Terry must have kept it in good nick!

Annie Walker by Terry Sparks (1964)

A simple but stunning shot of Ann Walker taken in 1964 by Terry Sparks and one that comes with a story attached 🙂
Terry recently found the site whilst searching for one of his favourite models, Gloria Lomax and decided to contact me. It transpires that Terry spent three years working for Russell Gay from April 1966 to late 1968. What many people don’t know, is that Russell Gay lost interest in taking pictures around 1965 and thereafter concentrated on publishing, particularly QT, Fiesta and Knave. He employed Terry and Ken Williams to shoot for him. So although pictures were still going out stamped “Russell Gay Studios” they were in fact taken by Terry or previously Ken Williams. Russell did continue directing 8mm films but left the running of the studio, finding models etc. to Terry. As Terry stated it became quite frustrating to see his photographs being published with Russell’s name on them, but as he paid a reasonable salary Terry lived with the fact. After Terry left RG’s employment he went freelance, but still worked out of his studio and he also let him use a small office on condition that Russell got first refusal on any thing that Terry shot. This meant that Terry was still effectively shooting for Fiesta and Knave but it also allowed him to sell any pictures Russell did not want to his agents in the States and on the Continent.
Terry sent me the above photo which he took of Annie Walker in May 1964 before he worked for RG. Terry later became friends with Ann and remembers spending one afternoon wallpapering her bathroom in her new flat after she split with Ed Alexander. What a great story!
A big thank you to Terry for the wonderful story and image of Ann, as these are the things that make doing this site such a pleasure. Terry has promised to keep in touch and provide more stories and information and I already have another shot of Ann and some memorabilia from him.

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Gloria Lomax – Fiesta 1967

Another relatively unknown Harrison Marks model, Gloria Lomax.  This shot is from Fiesta Magazine Vol.1 No.12 (December 1967).  Photograph taken by Terry Sparks by the pond at Ewhurst Manor.