A Medley of Models

Here’s a new one to me from the pages of Mayfair Magazine Vol.1 No.4 (December 1966) a line up of well know 1960’s models. Unless I am mistaken from left to right we have Lee Southern (Grace Jackson), Dawn Grayson, Teri Martine, Unknown, Bobby Shaw and finally Annette Johnson. Sorry I can’t place the lovely in red, but she looks familiar, but not a regular on here, anyone put me out of my misery and name her?
Thanks must go to Dasduffer over on VEF for scanning and sharing this, along with some new Dawn Grayson and Teri Martine material from early Mayfair issues, which I hope to share here soon.

Teri Martine – Striking Blonde!

Teri Martine from the pages of Carnival Magazine (September 1968) posing in and around the grounds and gardens of Ewhurst Manor. The car Teri is posing on also belonged to the Cliffords who owned Ewhurst and it has appeared in more than one photo shoot for various photogs including Harrison Marks.

Della Fox – Yes Sir!

Della Fox on the cover of Sir No.3 (Late 1950’s?) in some very colourful blue sheer panties and contrasting red suspender belt. Another model that changed her hair colour as often as her knickers, I’ve seen her blonde, dark and now red!

June Palmer – Cleavage & The Baby Doll!

Another shot from ‘Model Magazine – Winter Indoor Edition’. This time June posing and leaning forward for Roy Teasadern again showing off her ample cleavage in a nice little baby doll nightie.

All the June images from this edition can be seen … Here

Princess Sonmar H’Arricks – A Profile View

A beautiful side profile shot of Princess Sonmar H’Arricks (Pamela Green) from the pages of Kamera No.17 (1959). God knows how long it took her to ‘black up’ for these shots, I only hope she shot loads of sets in one session to make it worth while!

Sophia Dawn – It’s All Glamour & Tin Foil!

A coloured shot of Sophia Dawn by Russell Gay, which in itself is a wonderful shot of Sophia in pink panties, but what’s with the background! It reminds me of ‘Blue Peter’ and ‘here’s one we made earlier’ with all that tin foil!  The tin foil covered base seems to pop up with regularity as well, especially on Russell Gay shots.