Rita Landre – The Fisherman’s Wife

I had one image from this set already published here, but I now have another five images plus this one from the set.  All have come from 35mm negatives and were in very poor condition and require a lot of TLC to get them to the quality of the one above.

I love this set of Rita (Pam) in short red leather skirt posing with a basket of fish, so I was really pleased to find the other shots.  They were obviously published through-out Kamera at some point, but no idea when?

I’ll publish the other shots once I’ve restored them.

In The Front Parlour With Margaret Middleton

Two shots of a younger Margaret Middleton posing on a chair in the front parlour, love the contrasting white high heels and garter against the black. This could be at Ewhurst but not 100% sure as don’t know if MM ever modelled there, but there’s a good chance she did at some point!  Damn those tits look good!

Eve Eden & The Perfectly Placed Pillow

I’ll refrain from comments about plump pillows etc and leave that up to you lot!  Another well placed pillow covering the modesty of Eve Eden in this shot and looks just like my Grans front room, obviously minus Eve Eden!  Nice dangly earrings again!

Tina Graham – Saving Us From An Upholsters Nightmare!

How many different patterns can you get in one shot, it’s a visual assault to one’s eyes and god only knows what this was like in colour!! Fortunately amongst them all sits Tina Graham (Christine Carter) looking lovely in just black panties to save the day!