Rosa Domaille – Just For Kinks!

Before Eve Eden (Rosa Domaille) became a main stream model in the mid to late 1960’s she also had a kinkier side.  At that time she posed for different and stronger images than usual, including bondage and full open leg shots! The bottom shot above is from one of the bondage sessions, which sees her bound and gagged to that table, legs apart showing all.  The images are out there, but not good quality, but I prefer the one above as it gives you a prelude of more to come.

The top shot just appeals to me, the knickers half down and pulling the bra up just make you imagine she’s about to do something naughty!  I suppose every model must have had some skeletons in the cupboard, be it home-made movies or early riskier shots before they became better known and I think these were Eve Eden’s!

June in Long Green Gloves

Not new as well published on the ‘net’, but these are better edited high resolution versions.  I love the green gloves and frilly back panties with red underneath.  Anyone got any more from this set as these seem to be the only two common ones?

Joanna Kent & The Psychedelic Wallpaper 2 (Original)

Another shot of June Palmer posing as Joanna Kent (Strawberry Blonde Wig) in front of a mirror and that psychedelic red wallpaper.  I don’t know which is worse the red in the foreground or the blue wallpaper that can be seen in the mirror reflection!  The other shot I have from the same set can be seen … here

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