Margaret Nolan – A Ladder In The Stockings, Oh No!

Margaret Nolan posing in stockings and suspenders from the mid 1960’s. A great pose and another from this set appeared in Leg Show Magazine Vol.1 No.7 (Spring 1965). The title refers to the ladder I noticed on the knee of her right stocking and just seemed to match her expression.

Lorraine Burnett Amongst The Clover!

A very elf like shot of Lorraine Burnett from the mid 1960’s, but not quite sure what this shot was all about! I’m sure she was looking for that lucky four leaf clover, but finding a elf at the bottom of your garden with a chest like that, now that’s lucky! Would love to see the other shots from this set, but not comes across any so far.

June Palmer Profile View (Coloured)

I hadn’t seen this image before Oldiznewagain coloured and posted it over on Tumblr, but I must say it’s a beautiful shot of her in it’s own right. The coloured version especially her hair and face are excellently done and the only slight critique I would have suggested, would to have used a lighter or more contrasting colour for the background on the left hand side? The curve of her bosom seems to get blurred and lost in the background at the bottom and a contrast like red may have helped? That said both the original and coloured versions are exquisite!