Beverley Martin – Lakeside Lovely

Beverley Martin (Mary Morton) from the pages of Carnival Magazine (August 1965) posing topless beside a lake apparently!  It’s actually the square pond out the back/side of Ewhurst Manor from a different angle.  You can see Monique Devereux posing in front of it in an earlier post today.  Obviously a popular spot for a pose and I’ve even seen some of Barbara Halks and Monique posing in the pond!

Making Hay With Maxine Miller

A beautiful shot from Ed Alexander of Maxine Miller reclining in a barn full of hay in a short black negligee falling open to expose those lovely pert boobs. Taken from ‘Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties’ (1964) by Whitestone Publications.

June in Orbit 8mm Film Strip (Original)

A scan of an original piece of the 8mm cine film ‘June in Orbit’ by Arthur Howell.  These were strips of the black and white version of the film left to John W by Arthur, but only snippets not the entire film. I do however have a copy of the colour version, which also starred June’s friend Teri Martine and I’ll try and get a copy on-line for your viewing pleasure soon.

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An Early Blonde Pamela Green



A very early blonde Pamela Green taken by Harrison Marks from the 1950’s. Looking at the second smaller shot I would say this was probably a blonde wig rather than the dyed blonde hair she became so familiar with later in her career.

Lorraine Burnett – Square Magazine Cover

Lorraine Burnett in a long blonde wig with purple panties and pink gloves on the cover of Square Magazine (1960).  This was a collection of photo’s by Roger Davis published by Rosalinda and includes images of Lorraine and other models, but several images of Ann Austin, some of which I’ve never seen before!