Rita Landre – The Fisherman’s Wife

I had one image from this set already published here, but I now have another five images plus this one from the set.  All have come from 35mm negatives and were in very poor condition and require a lot of TLC to get them to the quality of the one above.

I love this set of Rita (Pam) in short red leather skirt posing with a basket of fish, so I was really pleased to find the other shots.  They were obviously published through-out Kamera at some point, but no idea when?

I’ll publish the other shots once I’ve restored them.

In The Front Parlour With Margaret Middleton

Two shots of a younger Margaret Middleton posing on a chair in the front parlour, love the contrasting white high heels and garter against the black. This could be at Ewhurst but not 100% sure as don’t know if MM ever modelled there, but there’s a good chance she did at some point!  Damn those tits look good!