June in Suburbia (Original)

I always like it when John sends me through a new June image and adds a title or some commentary, as he did with this one.  This is one of three new images of ‘June in Suburbia’ and as John points out look at the drop-leaf table, radiator pipes and old style TV! Other photo’s from this set were published in Interlude magazine (May 1963) and I’ve also seen different images in Eve Vol.1 No.7 (June 1963) and the colour centrefold of Scarlet Vol.1 No.1 (October 1962).

Now the fact from John I find bizarre! A similar negative to the one above recently sold on eBay on 2nd February 2014 for $850 US dollars!! I know John collects most things June related and I have in the past bought magazines, images and books with her images in, but $850 for one negative!  That is some hardcore June fan that paid that for one image. I’m not quite sure I’d go that far, $8.50 yes, but not hundreds (yes I’m a cheapskate!).

Anyway enjoy June in the front room wearing a short leopard skin skirt (what else would you wear in the front room!) and thanks as always to John.

Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Dawn Grayson & The Orange Dress

A perfect pose from Dawn Grayson on this stool, her orange dress slipping down to expose those great boobs! This was a scan of an original 6×4 photo that I’ve tweaked and sharpened, as it was very blurry. The same orange dress can be seen on Dawn on this magazine cover and I have at least one more image of her in the same dress I’ll post soon 🙂

A big thanks must go to Mylander from over on Scanner-Vision for allowing me to tweak his original scan and share it here.

June in Open Blouse (Coloured)

The latest coloured version of a June Palmer shot from Oldiznewagain, this time a closer shot of June with her blouse open.  The original version on it’s own works well as black and white, but the colour does add another dimension, but I’m not sure this one works as well as some of the others. Personally I think the blouse should have remained white and the lips seem too red to me. Easy for me to say and critique as I wouldn’t have the patience or skill that Oldiznewagain does to colour some of these shots 🙂

Update: So apparently great minds think alike and Oldiznewagain had a second version of this image and was torn between the two!  His second version below, which to me looks more natural.

Ann Walker From Karama No.1

One of several shots of Ann Walker from the pages of Karama No.1.  This set consists of Ann in a short see through negligee posing in front of a background of old newspapers stuck to the wall.  Unknown as whom took the shots, but very similar style to that of GHM.