Lee Southern – Blonde on a Bed! (Original)

From a set of photographic glass plates, Lee Southern (Grace Jackson) posing on the bed in white negligee and platinum blonde wig. I have 5 shots from this set of Lee and all very tastefully done with her posing on the bed in various positions with the odd bit of cleavage showing 🙂

Dawn Grayson – Pert in Pink (Original)

One of my own negatives of Dawn posing in pink tights, of which I have 3 colour negatives plus a copy of this black and white shot of her in the tights posing on the bed. I’d love to know where this was taken as this fireplace has appeared in many shots I’ve mentioned before including shots of June Palmer and Terry Graham. I assume the bedroom shot is from the same location?

Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice

It’s Curtains for Lorraine (1958)

Lorraine Burnett posing on the bed in GHM’s flat for Solo No.2 P15 (1958). Posing on the bed in front of those (Pink) curtains Lorraine’s bosom looks larger than normal in this shot.