Shane Lorrie – Line & Form No.27

A young Shane Lorrie from Line and Form No.27 P9 giving us a big smile and a rather nice profile view of her rather large bosom! Posed for Harrison Marks and others in the late 1950’s and 60’s before going on later in her career to do some rather more extreme lesbian boobs and bondage stuff!

Pamela Hing – Oiled & Ready! (Original)

An oiled up Pamela Hing from a restored silver gelatin photo sent over by Girlymag. It seems that certain photographers/models worked a lot with oil back then, but it seems to work well in certain shots, so who am I to complain 🙂

Jackie Salt – Solo No.23 Cover (1961)

Jackie Salt on the cover of Solo No.23 (1961) dedicated to images of her taken by Harrison Marks. Jackie appeared in both Kamera and other GHM publications during the early 1960’s, including one of the starring roles in the film ‘Naked as Nature Intended’, but I can’t say she was one of my favourite GHM models!

Compared to other models she had a very slim frame and very small perky boobs, which is probably why I shy away from her images, as I am much more of a curves man! Regardless of her figure, she always seemed to be very smiley in all her images and the film 🙂

Diane Hedges – Glorious Globes! (Original)

Two more restored prints from this set of Diane Hedges from the late 1950’s showing off her glorious and well oiled body and those round glistening boobs! Thanks again to Girlymag for these two crystal clear shots of Diane 🙂

A Kneeling Marie! (Original)

A young Marie Deveraux on her knees posing topless from a restored silver gelatin photo from the late 1950’s. Looking fabulous in stockings and a pair of striped knickers! Thanks to Girlymag for a copy of this wonderful print of Marie.