Maxine’s Maximum Exposure! (1964)

Maxine (Elaine Ecke) showing off her assets to maximum effect through an open top from Kamera Special No.4 (1964). Taken on the loft set by GHM and probably a lot earlier than the publish date of this special, but still a magnificent view.

Nicky Stevens – Bare Cupboard View (Original)

I think this shot is the closest I’ve seen of Nicky showing us an uncensored shot of what’s between her legs? You still don’t see much, but you can see she’s shaven, which I had guessed and maybe just a hint more but that’s it! A very modest girl it seems, but I’m sure she must have opened her legs further for someone, maybe GHM in private?

Big Things Ahead!

A big day in the UK yesterday as I’m sure everyone knows (Unless you were on a remote island somewhere, or is that us now!) Regardless of views, today is a new day with lots of unknowns ahead. What is not unknown is that whatever happens going forward a nice big pair of tits always makes the day seem that much better!

This delicious pair belong to Jackie Maddern from Girl illustrated Vol.5 No.22 (1972) and she has plenty on show to distract you from anything! Anyway onwards and upwards I say and as Corporal Jones would say ‘Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring!’

Lorraine’s Hippy Look! (Original)

For some reason I really like this shot of Lorraine Burnett! I don’t know if it’s the hair (wig?) or the way she is posing her body, but I like it. I don’t think it’s the hair, so it must be the curves and pose and probably the fact you can’t see her face fully 🙂

June Palmer – Hanging Out! (Original)

An original image from John W restored from a 35mm negative of June Palmer nearly wearing a very skimpy negligee from the 1970’s. Some very well placed hands to give support and hide the naughty bits, although she wasn’t afraid to show them discreetly at times. Thanks to John for this and one other shot from the same set that I’ll post soon.

I’d completely forgot I’d already posted three shots from this set already, that John had previously sent over.