A New Dawn on Friday! (Original)

I thought I’d start Friday with a new Dawn Grayson image from a set of 10 slides that I won over on eBay from Firebird Records. As you can see the set features Dawn posing in the studio with sheer netting as a background. The slides I have range from Dawn topless in jeans, such as this shot, to her posing in various positions nude. I know there are at least 5 more slides available from this set, plus more, but I have no idea about date or photographer as the slides themselves are plain.


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

June Palmer – Something For Everyone! (Original)

As the title indicates there is pretty much something for everyone in this original image of June Palmer. Taken by Itsgardin at Strobe Studio’s in 1983, we get a shot of June wearing fishnets, low cut bra, high heels and skirt. The composition of the shot gives a great up skirt view of June flasing her sheer panties and allowing us to see her full hairy pussy beneath.

The look on her face with finger in her mouth, gives her a look of a naughty school girl! I love this shot, but can’t quite work out if she’s also wearing a wig?

Lucienne by Terry Sparks (Original)

A couple of small but perky shots of a topless Lucienne Camille taken by Terry Sparks and another model Terry had the pleasure of, purely in a professional capacity of course! Obviously we know Lucienne better as her stage name Sylvia Bayo.

Jean, Judy & Sandy Too! (Original)

Restored from a scan of an original silver gelatin photo we have a great threesome in the shapes of Jean Rogers, Judy Geeson and Sandy Morrow. This shot is from early in the shoot as we only get a flash of boob as the girls drop their bra straps. Notice the contrast in size from left to right, Judy’s impressive bosom down to Jean’s pert little one! I have a few other shots from this set where this little threesome reveal more!

Very contrasting hairstyles as well and I think I prefer Jean Rogers as a blonde, as I’ve seen her with dark hair. Also, Sandy Morrow is another 1950’s model that has that typical 50’s hair style making her look older than she probably is, but making you think she shouldn’t be flashing what she is and that I shouldn’t be enjoying the view!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

Seeing Stars with Teresa (Original)

Another great print of early Harrison Marks model Teresa Seymour posing against the daisy/star wallpaper. Produced in the late 1950’s as a print and sent over by Oxxbridge Galleries


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice