Sandra’s Smooth Bedtime Surprise! (Original)

Sandra Cassano posing for Harrison Marks kneeling on a bed that we have seen before, as the headboard is familiar! Not sure about the matching curtains and wallpaper though! This comes from Kevin and is a scan of an original negative, so is uncensored and we see a glimpse of Sandra’s smooth nether region in this shot.

Sally’s Sunny Disposition!

Sally Dixon posing nude on a badminton court, in one of the only shots I’ve seen of her sporting a natural hairy pussy! It seems to have been taken at a naturist resort (Spielplatz?) and shows Sally posing at the net with another nudist enjoying the sun in the background. You can clearly see she is unshaven in the shot and all the other shots I have seen of her she is clean shaven down below, so this is a rare shot of her.

For The Love of Lisa!

Not really relevant other than it’s a great quality shot from a medium negative scan and worthy of sharing!

The 1970’s Porn-star, with the equally appropriate name, Lisa Love, who was also known by the more boring names of Sally O’Neil or Gertrude. Nothing boring about this shot of Lisa and her lush body and pussy and I have a few more of her to share at some point 🙂

Audrey’s Hallway Antics!

A little uncensored set of Audrey Judson (Kim Courtenay) posing in the hallway at Ewhurst Manor. I like this set because I’ve not come across many shots of Audrey to publish, it’s based at Ewhurst and finally she has a great body and pussy on her, so why not! The images are not up to the usual standard as they are from small scans I found, but restored them the best I could. I would love to get better versions of these and know if there were any more? Still good enough to share though and the first three are my favourites!

Leonarda Colombo – Sun Hat Stunner! (Original)

The final one for today and I’ve left the best to last (in my opinion), with a stunning shot of Leonarda Colombo by Terry Sparks.

After my last shot from Terry, he contacted me again with some more new shots, including this one and some more great little stories attached. Terry mentioned that the trip to Rhodes was financially quite lucrative and so the following year he took another three girls to Crete for a week in May, 1972. It was a disaster due to the fact that it rained all day and every day until the day before they were due to fly back. So they worked like crazy on that final day and managed to get a few decent shots, including the one above. The girls were Jeanette Marsden, Leonarda Colombo and Pippa Pascale and I’ll reveal more about those girls later, as I have shots of them all.

I’ve never come across Leonarda before, if that is indeed her real name, but what a stunning shot Terry managed to capture of her, her body and let’s not forget that magnificent bush on display! I may be biased here, but Terry’s work always manages to amaze me, from the way he gets the model to pose, looking so natural in doing so, to the clarity of the shots, under the circumstances 🙂 I have a growing collection of shots from Terry, which I’m proud to show off on this site and always enjoy the next set of shots that thankfully come my way and long may that continue. You also forget looking at these shots that they are over 40 years old and it’s no wonder that the likes of Russell Gay and others were more than happy to publish Terry’s work whenever they could. Saying that I’m sure there must be out-takes for shots with the models I haven’t seen, as Terry only sends through the best shots, but who wouldn’t 🙂

Thanks as always to Terry for another stunner!

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