Beryl Gilchrist – Forms in Color

A nude Beryl Gilchrist reprinted in the 1960’s Danish magazine ‘Forms in Color No.5’, which were colour versions of Harrison Marks shots and uncensored!  I only seem to have several images from this magazine as one of the pages states it has over 130 pages and was published quarterly.  Anyone have a full copy?

Ann Wilson – Forms in Color

The beautiful redhead of Ann Wilson posing nude in front of an old grandfather clock in Ewhurst Manor by Harrison Marks. This image was  a reprint in a Danish magazine from the late 1960’s called ‘Forms in Color’ and included 24 uncensored colour shots mostly from Harrison Marks, but a few I don’t recognise!

Penny Winters – What a Goddess!

Another stunning model that GHM only used on a few occasions. She appeared in Kamera No.73, Kamera on Location 66 and the glamour film ‘Favourites of the Pharoes Episode 2 – The Dance’, from which this still was taken.  Although both on location and Pharoes seem to be the same year (1966) Penny was au natural in the film but depilated for the Cornwall shoot.  

The above photo appears in the Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 ‘A Series of Natural Art Studies’ from 1969 and all images within are completely uncensored.

Wendy James

Two uncensored shots of Wendy James by Harrison Marks posing on the Chinese Garden set from Kamera No.82.  Another lesser known model that worked for GHM in the mid to late 1960’s and appeared in the Cornwall shoot for ‘Kamera on Location 1966’ and one glamour film aptly titled ‘Just Wendy’. I normally prefer a bigger bosom on my models, but there is something about this pert little pair on Wendy.

Xmas Cracker – Dawn Grayson

One of my favourite Xmas Crackers today in the shape of Dawn Grayson.  This is an uncensored view of Ms Grayson showing her shaven pubic region very clearly and was taken from the Kamera Winter Special published by Harrison Marks in 1967.  Thank god that’s not real snow, her bits would be well and truly frozen!

The Serene Sue Owen

A very serene and natural Sue Owen with dark hair.  A beautiful pose captured by Harrison Marks and published in Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 ‘A Series of Natural Art Studies’ in 1969.