Hazel Taylor – Spot The Difference?

A good example below of how Harrison Marks edited and airbrushed his photo’s so they got past the censorship laws in the UK and allowed ‘artisitic’ nudes to be published.

The Uncensored Version of Hazel Taylor in All Her Untouched Natural Glory!

How The Same Photo Appeared in Solo No.60 (1968) With Her Pubic Region Discreetly Airbrushed Out, So Not To Show Any Pubic Hair & Leaving Everything To The Imagination!

Vivienne Warren at Ewhurst

A Couple of Shots of Vivienne Warren in The Grounds of Ewhurst Manor.  The Second One Clearly Shows Ewhurst in the Background and Apparently the Boxer Dog Was Owned by The Ciffords Who Owned Ewhurst.  Interestingly, Vivienne Warren Seems to Appear Uncensored in More HM Photo’s Than Many Other Models and Here is Shown Uncensored & Completely ShavenMaybe Something To Do With Her Being HM’s Second Wife in the 60’s?