Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Two shots of the model Jill by Harrison Marks, but with one obvious difference! The top image comes from GHM’s publication Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969) and the bottom image from Kamera No.87 (1968). What a difference a year makes, as the Kamera version had to be retouched, where as the top one was published showing Jill in all her glory. I can’t believe censorship laws changed that quickly, so was Nature’s Intention produced for a different market, maybe the less strict foreign market? I know which version I’d prefer to see 🙂

Julie Collins – All Up Front!

Julie Collins leaving nothing to the imagination in this full frontal shot from the pages of New Kamera No.1 (1969). Fast becoming one of my favourite late 1960’s models for Harrison Marks when the censorship laws were less strict and her glorious full bush could be seen by all.

Sissi Mississippi & Her Furry Friends

Sissi Mississippi from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969) and a wonderful pose holding a teddy bear. I love the pouting expression on Sissi’s face in this shot and I’m not quite sure who is sporting the most fur, Sissi and her magnificent bush or the bear!

Barbara Halks

I love the sultry look of Barbara Halks in this image, which seems to be taken on  the set of ‘Eastern Exchange’. Barbara appeared in Kamera No.84, No.85 (cover), No.86, No.87 and Solo No.57. She also appeared in 3 glamour films, ‘Eastern Exchange, ‘Sitting Pretty’ with Nicky Stevens and finally ‘Go Go Girl’ and finally appeared in the pages of the Kamera Calendar 1969.

This beautiful uncensored shot of her appeared in Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969).

June Palmer – Flip Flops & Sunglasses – Part 2 (Originals)

Two more natural shots of June posing nude against some rocks, wearing nothing more than sunglasses and flip flops. More uncensored views of June’s wonderful bush from this sunny set, all of which can be seen here

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