An Impressive Bush From Carla!

These 2 shots are from restored 35mm slides, that were again originally colour but so badly faded I converted them to black and white. Both shots are of a model named ‘Carla’ on the slides, but I have no doubt that this is also Pat Ebden showing us a lot more than usually seen with her! A sneak peak of her in the top shot, then full on bush in the bottom shot although a little blurry! 

To validate my reasoning that it is Pat Ebden, look at this shot of Pat & Tina Madison, same bed but different background and looking at Pat I would say taken at roughly the same time? I prefer the top shot and pose, just showing us a glimpse of something we shouldn’t see 🙂

Terry Peters – A Bit More on View!

A restored 35mm slide of Terry Peters in a blonde wig and showing us a bit more of herself beneath the floral suspender belt. Potentially taken at Ewhurst Manor and the slide is dated 21st January 1961.

A Very Fruity Pose!


From Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969) comes a very fruity pose of an unknown model as she bends over a table giving us a view of her hairy Pussy! A very cheeky smile as well, as if she knows where we are all looking!
Update: Now identified as Spick & Span model Diane Grant.

A More Revealing Erica (1963)

The model known as Erica in Kamera posing in a more revealing side view pose, but the facial features and big tits are unmistakable! This sole image of her came from Amor No.4 (1963) where there was no retouching or censoring of the shots for the Danish market, hence the shaven pussy with labia on view! Unknown as to the photographer, but there is a leopard skin rug in view, so maybe Harrison Marks for the continental market?

Caron Gardiner’s Risky Rear View



Two uncensored shots of Caron Gardiner wearing just high heels and giving us a rear view of more than we normally see.  Taken from two restored 35mm slides in September 1962, which were originally colour but converted to black and white as so badly faded. Two great views of Caron, especially the top shot 🙂

Bea Bea Showing Off Her Chu-Chu!

Bea Bea Chu-Chu another model I thought I’d published before, but obviously not! Bea Bea appeared in Solo No.22, along with appearances in Kamera No.42, No.43, No.62, No.65 an No.82 and the Glamour Film No.17 ‘Chu-Chu’. The above shot plus others comes from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969) where she shows off her assets to great effect and appears to have a less of a bushy growth than some other models! Not that I’m complaining 🙂