Velma Loftus – All The Way From South Africa?

A great shot of Velma Loftus and her glorious bush from 1969. Unknown publication but the bottom right gives the date and that it came from Tudor House publications and god knows what the reference to South Africa is, maybe girls of the world?

Pamela The Blond Bombshell

If you’d not guessed I’m having a Pamela day and the different aliases that she posed under or hair colours she used. Here we have probably the most familiar and iconic view of Pam with her long blonde hair that she was more synonymous with later in her career. A beautiful view of her blonde locks and figure in this show on the witches coven set from ‘Just Pamela Green’.

Terry Peters – All At Sea & All To See!

An uncensored shot of Terry Peters by Harrison Marks taken down on the sea edge in Cornwall. One of the models that preferred to shave for her art and the location looks familiar, so either from the same time as this shot or a favourite location for Harrison Marks.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Two shots of the model Jill by Harrison Marks, but with one obvious difference! The top image comes from GHM’s publication Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969) and the bottom image from Kamera No.87 (1968). What a difference a year makes, as the Kamera version had to be retouched, where as the top one was published showing Jill in all her glory. I can’t believe censorship laws changed that quickly, so was Nature’s Intention produced for a different market, maybe the less strict foreign market? I know which version I’d prefer to see 🙂

Julie Collins – All Up Front!

Julie Collins leaving nothing to the imagination in this full frontal shot from the pages of New Kamera No.1 (1969). Fast becoming one of my favourite late 1960’s models for Harrison Marks when the censorship laws were less strict and her glorious full bush could be seen by all.