Vivienne Warren – All on View!

Another great find, this time a full frontal uncensored shot of Vivienne Warren from Amor No.4 (1963). Never seen this shot or any from this set before of Vivienne, but a great shaven view of her! Unknown as to the photographer, but could have been Harrison Marks?

This comes from another Danish publication this time Amor No.4 in 1963, by ABC publishers and features a much more uncensored view of girls from the early 1960’s. Plenty of full on views with no re-touching, with most of the girls showing off their magnificent bushes or like Vivienne showing off the smooth shaven look.

It seems the Danish publications had a much more liberal view on what could be shown and publications such as Amor, Le Sexy and Tabu by the same publishing house all seem to have published some very familiar models in all their glory, including several Harrison Marks models on some covers! Anyone seen or got any copies as they seem very hard to find over here?

Thanks to Nils again for sending this fine publication and great shot of Vivienne.

The Derrière of Doreen Pierre (1966)

Published for no other reason than I just had to use that title and the ring it had to it! Two restored 35mm slides of Doreen Pierre (if that is her name!) from June, 1966. Doreen showing us her wonderful figure and that great behind, with the top shot just showing us a hint of a bit more too!

Caron Gardiner – Uncensored & Exposed


A more explicit shot of Caron Gardiner than we are normally used to seeing, wearing nothing more than black high heels! Taken from an original colour 35mm slide, but unfortunately the colour had degraded so badly I have to convert it to black & white to recover it! The slide was dated September, 1962, but photographer remains unknown. Interesting grooming style Caron is sporting in the pubic region with some hair, but kept trimmed and very low down, not that I’m any expert on hair styles in that area!

Karen O’Sullivan & Friend – Staircase Strip (1965)

Karen O’Sullivan & Friend stripping whilst posing around an old house, restored from two 35mm slides from November 1965. I just love the top pose and the figures of these two lovely ladies, such wonderful curves! Restored from two 35mm slides dated 13th November, 1965

A Spot of Nude Sunbathing

An unknown model posing on a wicker chair for Harrison Marks in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor from the pages of Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1. lovely pose to catch the sun and also showing off her fine pussy, but anyone identify her?

Unknown Ebony Model by Harrison Marks

One of the few early ebony/dark models that posed for Harrison Marks. This unknown ebony model posing for GHM and appearing in the pages of Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 has a cracking body! 

The curvy figure, a flash of her hairy pussy and look at the size of those nipples, magnificent! I’ve not come across any other shots of this model anywhere, but would love to see more if there are any?

Loving The Lips on Teri Martine (Original)

Teri Martine posing outdoors (Ewhurst?) in an uncensored shot restored from a 35mm slide by Harrison Marks. According to the pencil note on the slide itself this shot was taken on 16ᵗʰ June 1966.

A whimsical look from Teri in this shot, but a great one of her smooth pussy with those lips just showing. Again all done for the sake of art and making it easier for the shot to be retouched for publication, one assumes!

The Glossy Lips & Curvy Hips of Virginia Green

I just can’t stop staring at these shots of Virginia Green from two restored negatives. I don’t know if it’s the perfectly glossed lips, the natural curve of her hips or the hint of those other lips above the smooth pubis that catches my attention. All in all two fantastic shots of her and I love the use of the pearls as a bracelet and one further up her arm.

These were originally colour negatives, but so badly faded to magenta there was no way to restore the colour, so I converted the to Black and white, which works well. A real shame as I would love to have seen these shots and Virginia in all her glory in full colour.