The Welcome Return of Miss Pamela Green

After posting this shot earlier today I knew someone would be able to identify where the image came from or who took it and as usual Simon came up trumps!  Not only did he identify the image as taken by Zoltan Glass, but he scanned and sent me the original article below!

The following set came from Lilliput Magazine December 1952, Vol 32 No. 1 Issue 187, so my initial guesstimate wasn’t far off!

Thanks must go to Simon for scanning this from his own personal Pam archive 🙂

Anna Verdi

Another of the later Kamera models who only appeared in Kamera No.71 and No.74 (1966)  A fine figure with small perky nipples and another natural uncensored shot from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1, ‘A Series of Natural Art Studies’.

More Dungeon Danger!

Another model posing on the dungeon set, but whom?  Does anyone recognize this model and her little scar? Not one of the regular models and one that I recognise easily, but must have been published towards the end of the 1960’s in a later Kamera?  It was re-published in Magnificent Models No.3 by Nostalgia Publications.  Any ideas, if not I’ll add it to the unknown list!