Terry Peters

Terry Peters from Kamera No.50 (1963) at Ewhurst.  She also appeared in Kamera No.51, No.54 and No.80 as well as Solo No.31 and Kamera Specials No.3, 4 and No.5. Terry was not as used by GHM as other models and only seems to appear in a shoot at Ewhurst on her own and including Jayne Tracy, 1963 Cornwall shoot and stills from her only glamour film appearance ‘Terry Peters’.

Gerry Brown – Range No.5

Gerry (Geraldine) Brown on the cover and inside pages of Range Magazine No.5 which was published along with it’s sister magazine ‘Mentor’ in the late 1960’s.  Both magazines had the same format, semi coloured cover with black and white images inside.  This issue was nearly all dedicated to Gerry posing in the dungeon set and almost certainly photographed by GHM. Dotted throughout were other images, including Cindy Neal and Jayne Tracey.

Beautiful Side Profile of Unknown Blonde

I love this image! It comes from Kamera No.40 and this stunning blonde appears on pages 13 and 28, along with the intro page below.
Again she looks familiar, but can’t put a name to her and not going to try this time!  Does anyone recognise her?  Kamera No.40 was published in 1962 if that helps and I’ve looked on the official GHM website model data to no avail.
I’ll add it to the unknown models page for reference.

The Opposites of Lorraine Burnett

From Kamera No.5, Page 32

Two contrasting shots of Lorraine Burnett, one with short blonde hair, the other long dark hair.  But both showing of her renowned bosom and figure to great effect, with the top one being my favourite. (Source:olgas-house-of-shame)

Pamela Green – A Lady Whatever She Wasn’t Wearing!

It doesn’t matter what Pamela Green was wearing or not wearing she always came across with an air of elegance and always being a lady.  Typified by this shot of her on the Wild West Saloon set.  Love the ‘Wanted’ poster in the background of GHM as Battlin’ Berko.