Signed by June Palmer & Arthur Howell

I came across these original signed photo’s of June over on Tumblr, not only signed by June but also Arthur Howell!  Thanks must go to minimunster, who owns the originals and kindly allowed me to share them here.

Fantastic quality scans by minimunster and all the originals can be found … here.  The top image looks to be at Ewhurst 🙂

The Exquisite Lines of June Palmer (Original)

Another stunning original of June Palmer from John.  This time a more formal studio pose and shot by an unknown photographer, but it looks like it may have been taken at the same time as this shot.  The pose, the lighting, the way she holds up her hair, even the hint of bush all just adds something to the depth of this shot.  A truly beautifully posed shot of June!

Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Tina Graham & The Bed

Tina Graham (Christina Carter) posing nude on a bed photographed by GHM and taken around 1963/64 as the top shot appears in the 1964 Kamera Calendar.  Yet again a well used bedroom set as the bed frame itself appears in various sets of other models, like Paula Page and Lorraine Burnett!

Lorraine Burnett – The Blonde & The Bed

I love this shot of Lorraine Burnett with short blonde hair posing on a bed and the rest of the set is as equally enthralling as she poses on and around the bed in various artistic poses.  Taken by GHM in a bedroom at his Gerard Street flat?  Unsure of where these shots were originally published, but were re-printed in ‘Just Lorraine Burnett’.

Paula & The Bamboo Cane!

Two cracking shots of Paula Page showing off those magnificent boobs to good effect with the aid of some bamboo canes and international country posters as a background.  Taken by GHM and probably appeared in Solo No.16 dedicated to PP and re-printed as part of the ‘Just Paula Page’ magazine (page 4 & 15) by Nostalgia Publications.  

The Solo magazine cover has Paula on this set in colour, but not seen any other colour versions, unless some of you have?

Clever use of lighting in the top image to hide things from the censor, but you can still see PP wasn’t shaved from the silhouette between her legs!