Album Modelstudier Covers

Another different foreign magazine called Album Modelstudier, which was a digest size magazine (6.7 x 9.6 inch) published in Denmark by Forlaget Studia Publications in the late 1950’s and 60’s.

The magazine consisted of 24 pages including covers, with a colour cover and black & white photographs of models in various poses in natural environment. 
Again the early issues have models on the covers I don’t recognise, but by issue No.30 onwards they start to get very familiar again 🙂

Album Modelstudier No.46

Album Modelstudier No.47

Album Modelstudier No.59 (Eve Eden)

Album Modelstudier No.65 (Marie Deveraux)

Album Modelstudier No.68 Eve Eden & Lorraine Burnett)

Album Modelstudier No.69

Album Modelstudier No.73 (June Palmer)

Album Modelstudier No.74 (Maria Clarence)

Album Modelstudier No.78 (Jayne Tracey)

Album Modelstudier No.80 (Caron Gardner)

Miss Britt Hampshire (8mm Film)

Another Heritage Film by Peter Walker, this time introducing Britt Hampshire in a 13 minute glamour film, which states that she has ‘The face and figure you’ll never forget’ and that she was a 17 year old glamour starlet. 

The film is 13 minutes of Britt in various locations, from waking up, having a bath, then relaxing on the sofa before actually putting some clothes on, even if it is only underwear!

A nice simple little 8mm film that titillates, but ultimately shows you little, very different form today’s digital world where everything is accessible and on show!