Margaret Nolan – Everyone’s Favourite Poster Girl, Part 2 (Original)

A second shot from a set featuring Margaret Nolan posing amongst posters and magazines of herself. The first original image I posted back in October is here, but this one is more revealing and shows her smoking as well!

Hilde Beck – No Support Required! (Original)

I had forgotten that I had this shot of Hilde Beck on the Egyptian set by Harrison Marks! This is a scan of an original negative sent through by Kevin before Christmas and although not the best composed shot, it still shows a lovely rear view of Hilde, but I doubt she really needed any support 🙂

Julie (Shearing) – Carnival Magazine

Well there you go I’ve just found this shot of Julie Shearing and found out that it’s only ‘Julie’ that appeared for Harrison Marks! Despite her Latin looks in early Kamera editions, she was actually born in London! After modelling for GHM she also went on to have several small appearances in several British made films in the 1960’s.  These included The Bulldog Breed (1960) starring Norman Wisdom and the Cover Girl Killer (1959) with Harry H. Corbet.
You learn something new every day and she was obviously a versatile girl as looked nothing like her modelling days in some of the films!

Bridget Leonard

Bridget Leonard was the live-in girlfriend of photographer Russell Gay and ran the office in Oxford Street for him, which was the mail order outlet for Venus Films. They split up around late 1967 early 1968. She was already modelling for Russell before she got a role in Harrison Marks’ first feature film ‘Naked as Nature Intended’. She first appeared in Kamera No.43 (1961) then Kamera No.44, 46 (Cover) & 54 and then in Solo No.25 dedicate just to her. Her only glamour film appearance was as a Wild-West saloon girl in the HM Glamour Movie No.106 ‘Gamblin’ Gal’ (1962).

The cracking shot of Bridget above comes from Kamera No.46 (1962) and features her on the cover and centre pages in stills taken on the Wild-West Saloon set featured in ‘Gamblin Girl’.