June Palmer – Rooftop Rapier! (Original)

A different view of June in more than one way, from a rooftop and clothed! June on the roof of Strobe Studio dressed in red leotard and boots posing  in a fencing stance with a fencing/rapier sword. I’m not 100% sure, but think she had some fencing lessons during her time with Arthur Howell, as she’s also seen fencing in the video ‘Brides in the Bath’ Part 2 and obviously a prop from Arthur’s stuntman/acting days?

Yvonne Warren by Harrison Marks

The British film actress Yvonne Warren (Romain) photographed by Harrison Marks. Yvonne was a film and television actress of the late 1950’s and 1960’s appearing in several Hammer British horror films and best known for her role in ‘The Curse of the Werewolf’ (1961) where she starred with Oliver Reed in his first major role.

Rosanna Garnon – A Xmas Box Full of Surprises!

Rosanna Garnon posing with a few Xmas boxes all wrapped and full, shame her box looks a bit depleted after the retouching! Another shot from the Kamera Winter Special (1967) and think I’m going to run out of Snow shots once I’ve used up the Winter Special!

June & The Standing Lamp (Original)

Another room, another prop and another fantastic shot of June by Stefan Glass! This time she’s posing in another living room or drawing-room of the same house all the other shots were taken, but this time posing totally nude up against a tall standing lamp. Perfect!

June Palmer – Backstage Bling! (Original)

The second backstage shot of June from the set of 8 original Harrison Marks glamour slides (Set No.60), which I recently purchased. The slides themselves are excellent quality with very few blemishes on them, but unfortunately over time they have gained a magenta tinge to them. I love the pose from June in this one with her arm across her forehead and the bling on her panties and high heels, giving her a look and feel of a stripper backstage, which I assume was the idea.


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