June on Glass in Colour – Part 3 (Original)

The last of the 3 restored coloured versions from June on Glass as the images produced from the glass plate negatives from John. Again, the original was very red, so I have  restored it as best I can under the circumstances, but still slightly pinker than I’d want.

Jackie Parker – Blonde Abstract!

What can you say about this shot apart from the obvious, great pose and tits from Jackie, bloody awful wig and abstract background! Like the fact it’s in colour, although this probably looked better in black and white!

Ann Walker – Divided Attention!

Ann Walker from the 1950’s Glamour book and published by Russell Gay for one of his magazines, but publication and photographer unknown (Terry Sparks?).  A great pose from Ann with bright red lips against the background of a wrought iron room divider, or whatever you want to call it!

Marie Deveraux – All About The Bush!

I’ve published some shots of Marie from this set before, but in those her pubic hair is either retouched out or lightened to be almost invisible like this shot. So it’s nice to see her full unretouched bush in all it’s glory in this shot for a change!