June Palmer Studio Pose (Restored)

Another restored shot of June from a 35mm slide and again I’m not sure which I prefer? The restored colour version still has a red tinge to it, but I liked it and trying to restore it further just made the image washed out. I also converted it to black and white and quite like that version as well, so torn between the two.

Anyway I’ve included both and maybe Oldiznewagain can try his hand at a colour version?

Elaine Desmond – Pigtails on The Beach (Original)

A restored 35mm slide of Elaine Desmond posing for Harrison Marks on a Cornwall beach in pigtails. One of the better shots of her from this shoot and obviously a favourite spot for GHM, as these don’t appear to be from Kamera on Location 66, but the locations are the same.

Nicky Stevens on Location (1966)

I had a request for some Nicky Stevens, so here it is 🙂 The request was for Nicky au natural, but on checking I don’t actually have any of her in all her glory, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen any! I’m sure there must be some out there but as of yet non have come my way, but I will keep a look out for them. 
This shot comes from Harrison Marks and was taken as part of the ‘On Location 66’ shoot down in Cornwall