June Palmer Coloured From Girl Illustrated

It feels like a bit of a June Palmer day, not that there is anything wrong with that!  Another coloured version of June Palmer from my friend Oldiznewagain over on Tumblr and it always amazes me how good he gets the skin tones on these!

The original comes from Girl Illustrated magazine published in 1970 and is part of a set of 4 images and I’ll be publishing the full set of images later.

The Look! – A June Palmer Original

This wasn’t going to be my intended post of an original June Palmer shot this week, but when I saw the above shot from John W last night I just had to share!

June sure could work the camera as everything about this shot just oozes sensuality! The look in her eyes (which are green!),  the chin resting slightly on  the pushed up cleavage, or the tongue brushing across her teeth!

Absolutely stunning!

The image comes from a 35mm slide scan and is pretty much untouched, other than the odd speck of dirt removed and every detail can be seen in such an intimate and close-up shot.  It’s part of a set of 8 photo’s that John got from Teri Martine herself, but it’s unknown who took the shots.  The Sheepskin rug makes another appearance and a chaise lounge in other shots, so it’s an educated guess that these were probably taken at Strobe Studio’s and by Arthur Howell.

It goes without saying that the JP images John provides are blowing me away, so I know I say it, but thanks must go to John for sharing his collection with me and then you.

Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Annie Walker – The Mystique of a Mature Woman

An older Ann Walker (34) posing in Mayfair Magazine Vol.11 No.10 (October 1974), original images and text included below.  She sure looked good and I love the last two images below, what a glorious full natural bush she had!  Anyone know if the modelling agency part was true and if she’s still in the business?

The Mystique of the Mature Woman – Annie Walker

Back in the supposedly swinging sixties before Mayfair and others like it appeared to revolutionise British men’s magazines,  the ‘pin-up’ reigned supreme.  Black and white, coyle posed, tastefully lit studies in which bare boobs were OK, but pubes and sizzle were strictly verboten.  Even so, despite the blandness of the studies, one girl seemed to project an aura of sexuality that set her apart.  Her name was Annie Walker and she was just about the most popular and sought after model of that time.

Some ten years ago though, Annie gave up modelling and opened her own highly successful modelling agency in North London.  She’s now 34 years old, a sleek 34-22-34 and pleased to return if only temporary, to the modelling scene.  ‘It’s all very different now’ maintains Annie.  ‘Everything used to be terribly posed, but now it’s much more relaxed and natural.  I wouldn’t have posed for the more blatant pictures that some magazines carry at the moment – I much prefer Mayfair’s style.’  Annie’s modelling career started when she was 18, posing for students at the St Martin’s Art School in London, from which she quickly moved on to magazine work and the her own agency.

With Annie’s background and past appeal in mind, she seemed to us the natural answer to all the oft-repeated requests for a photoset on an ‘older woman’.  ‘I don’t know whether younger men see me as the mature type,.’ says Annie.  ‘To be honest it’s not something I’ve really thought about.  But I do like to be treated as a woman – being the chased rather than the chaser. I’m not married, so I socialise a lot. Men? Oh, those in their 30’s usually.’ Which says much for their taste. Here’s to ten years time Annie.

Pamela Green – Full Men Only Interview (1974)

As promised in this post the full interview of Pamela Green from Men Only Magazine, Vol.39 No.5 (May 1974).  An interesting read if you’re a PG fan and she makes an interesting comment about reviving Rita Landre with a new wig! Anyone know if she ever did and if any photo’s are around?

Brides in the Bath – Part 2 (Video)

So as promised part 2 of the full version of ‘Brides in the Bath’.
This film was based loosely around the true life story of serial killer and bigamist George Joseph Smith.  I won’t bore you with the details, but if your interested in the real story there is a link here
The story behind this film can be found over on part 1
Highlights of this part, the can-can girls including Jayne Tracey and of course George’s third wife in the shape of June Palmer and another bath scene!

Actresses in this part are listed below, again some I cannot identify, so let me know if you spot any?


George (?)

Can-Can Girl No.1 (?)

Can-Can Girl No.2 (Jayne Tracey)

Can-Can Girl No.3 (?)

Mistress (Same as Can-Can Girl No.3?)

Wife No.3 (June Palmer)

For those wanting to skip through things Jayne Tracey starts at 2:30 minutes and June Palmer at 14 minutes

So I leave you to enjoy part 2 of ‘Brides in the Bath’, which completes this never before seen video from Arthur Howell and featuring June Palmer.

Next… Another never before seen June Palmer video called ‘Triangle’ featuring June as Little Bo-Peep, an image of which can be seen on her Wikipedia page … Here

P.S. If the video fails at any point, do let me know 🙂



Note: This is an original video and subject to this copyright notice.

June & The See-Through Panties

A maturing June Palmer reclining in just black panties showing off her voluptuous curves and a hint of bush through the semi transparency of the panties, wonderful!

Note: All images, original or otherwise have been carefully edited and restored where required and a lot of effort has gone into this.  Please feel free to share, but kindly link back to this original if sharing elsewhere, Many Thanks! – Wonder

A Cheeky Shot of June Palmer

This must come close to one of my all time favourite shots of June Palmer as she got older.  The pose as she looks over her shoulder and slowly lowers her knickers, along with the great outline of her figure … wonderful one might say!
Thanks again to John for sharing such a beautiful shot!
Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Pamela Green – Men Only (1974)

Pamela Green from Men Only Magazine, Vol.39 No.5 (May 1974)

There were other images of Pam, but this was the only nude photo in the issue which accompanied an interview with Pamela that the magazine ran.  The photo was probably taken by Doug Webb, her partner at the time and obviously a good photographer himself.  At 44 when this shot was probably taken Pamela is still looking as good as ever and still knows how to hold a pose!
I’ll try and get hold of the other images and interview, so I can publish the complete set and article, but thanks go to Simon T for providing the original scan above.