Terry Graham as Fay Richmond

Three stunning pages of Terry Graham as Fay Richmond from Girl Illustrated, Souvenir Edition No.2 (March 1970).  She has also appeared in other magazines as Laela Simons, but GI seems to be the only magazine where she appears on various occasions as Fay.  I must admit the above colour shot in just tight rubber boots is one of my favourites, even with the editing out of the pubic hair!

Angela Duncan as Trudi Pink

Either as herself Angela Duncan or as Trudi Pink I had a bit of a thing for her and her magnificent boobs! She appeared for GHM once in the glamour film ‘Casting Couch’, but went on to appear in numerous magazines, including ‘Mayfair’ throughout the 1970’s.  I love this shot of her as Trudi Pink squeezing those big tits together and I love those red panties with white tassels!

June, The Short Leather Dress & The Manacles! (Originals)

Another start to the week and another JP original from John, but this time a set of four images as I’m feeling generous and productive this morning!  This set shows June in a short leather type dress and stockings slowly stripping to reveal more, including a white underwear set!  These are the only four provided by John, but my imagination and me are hoping there are more to this set, especially going beyond the final shot here, as that’s just a damn tease!

The shots provided were in sepia, so again all I’ve done is restore and remove blemishes.  These were probably taken in the 1970’s and possibly at Strobe, but not confirmed.  As John points out the set seems to be a bathroom set with the tiles, but then there are the manacles attached to the wall, so not your average bathroom, well not in my household anyway! 

Enjoy a wonderful set!

Note: These are original images and subject to this copyright notice, but can be wholly or individually shared as long as the images remain unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Monique – A Walk on the Wild Side!

If you read this blog more than once you will know as well as publishing images of my favourite models from the 1950’s and 60’s by GHM and other photographers, I’m also interested on what happened to them beyond. Did the models carry on, did they retire or did they take up a totally unrelated career, are just some of the things that interest me.  Some are easy and already well documented such as Margaret Nolan, Pamela Green and June Palmer, but for others it is less well known what happened to them.

Well thanks to a great article by Gavcrimson on his blog a little more light has now been shed on Monique Devereux (Monique Leitzau).
A Monique Devereux (Original) Posing for GHM with a Studio Background.

Gav’s article aptly called ‘All the boys love Monique Deveraux‘ goes into detail about the less glamorous side of modelling and amateur photography through the eyes one of such amateur photographer named Dave.  I won’t go through the details as you can read Gav’s article from the link above, but what it does do is give us a small insight (via Dave’s own page) about Monique.

Dave’s own page about Monique (Here) throws up some interesting things about Monique post her GHM days, such as …
  • She lived and worked around the Tipton/Dudley area.
  • She worked as an assistant in a photo shop in Walsall and modelled for a photo studio attached to the shop.
  • She allowed a more ‘hands on’ type of photo session for some amateurs.
  • Her boobs were FALSE! She had silicone implants, this I did not know, but I suppose the hands on approach confirmed this!
  • She continued to live and work in a bar in the Wolverhampton area.
Dave also comments that he also photographed Paula Page and that she was fairly short and this made her boobs looked disproportionately large. He also enjoyed the softness of her boobs before she stopped modelling, which indicates another more hands on approach.

So for all the glamour we see in the publications of GHM, there was also a more down to earth side to the models, where they continued to model and earn a living through the avenues of amateur photography. Much to the pleasure of those such as Dave that had the opportunity to photograph these models and then share the outputs with us.

Thanks go to Gav for a heads up on his article and ultimately Dave for sharing his insight into Monique!

June Palmer – Girl Illustrated No.37

As promised, June Palmer from the pages of Girl Illustrated Vol.4 No.37 (1970).  The magazine shows three monochrome pictures, where she is shown wearing unzipped trousers and has shoulder length hair. The single colour shot appears to be an older photograph. GI states that she is only rarely modelling at the time, but has returned to the pages by popular request. This would tie in with the published date of 1970 and JP’s ‘retirement’ from public modelling, until her re-appearance in 1977.