Chin Up Jayne! (1963)

Jayne Tracey coming down the staircase of Ewhurst Manor from Kamera No.51 (1963). I’m not sure if it’s the angle of the shot from below, but it looks like Jayne is either holding her chin up or maybe something caught her eye and is looking back up the stairs.

In Bed With June (Original)

I published these two shots back in 2013 of June posing laying on her front and back in bed and always liked the shots. Well now I have the original negatives to both and you can see the first above, with the second coming soon.  I thought the quality of the shots I posted was good, that is until you scan the original negative and see the difference in quality. Even at a very large size the detail is fantastic, but sorry only a smaller version on here for now, due to unscrupulous people taking them and reselling them as prints! Even so I’m sure you can appreciate the difference in quality from my older post and enjoy June in bed.


Note: This is an original image taken from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Sue Owen – Kamera Calendar, May 1968

A blonde Sue Owen posing sat on a slightly crushed lobster pot for the May page of the 1968 Kamera Calendar. The shot also features fishing nets again, which was another popular prop that GHM used throughout his early and later shots.

Julie – Gloriously Uncensored!

I’m a big fan of Julie (Shearing) and the Latin look she had in these early shots by Harrison Marks, even though she was a London lass! Not only her looks, but when you see the few uncensored shots of her such as this you get to see her showing off her full thick glorious pussy as well! The strap line for my other blog DaysGoneByPorn is ‘an era when a pussy really was a pussy you could get lost in’ and think that is very apt for this shot as well! Unfortunately the shots of Julie in all her glory are few are far between, but here are a few I have posted to enjoy!