Lucky Mary, Santa Will Soon Be Coming!

Erm, well wouldn’t you with this beauty by your side 😉 The beauty being Mary Stephan (Caroline Coon) in blonde wig and long open revealing negligee on the festive set from the Kamera Winter Special (1967). Santa in this case being Harrison Marks himself under that hood and beard!

June as Joanna! (Original)

June posing in a long blonde wig in the 1970’s, possibly as Joanna Kent again, but probably never published as such. June posed throughout her career with long blonde wigs, but I’ve never seen her wear any of the others later on, such as the short silver wig (Candy) or shorter dark wig (Rachel Wells).

Scanned for an original negative I recently purchased and one of four of June posing in the blonde wig. Great shot and very little tweaking required. No idea where it was taken, either Strobe or Scotlee studio’s, unless someone can enlighten me? Taken at Scotlee studio as confirmed by Itsgardin, who has his own shots of June in this wig and the same background – Thanks Itsgardin


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.


Merle’s Nice Frilly Knickers!

I can’t say I’m a big fan of Merle Henry from her Kamera appearances, as she never comes across as glamorous as some of the other models at that time. I then found these three shots of her sporting a pair of frilly knickers and must admit these are much better shots of her. Maybe it’s the change in make-up, but I prefer these shots of her, just not sure about the fake turf!

Jayne Tracey’s Sheer Rear!

Another shot from over on Flickr from R Fitzgerald taken by his father this time of Jayne Tracey, but he has her named as Janice, so maybe that was her real name? A great shot of her posing in sheer white panties and top with what appears to be a long blonde hair extension. I seem to have a thing for sheer tops and panties on models back then, suppose it’s the tease of being able to partially see what was below!

Lorraine Burnett – The Bed Spread (Original)

Lorraine Burnett in a bed spread shot giving us an eyeful of her pendulous bosom. I think I preferred Lorraine when she had short blonde hair rather than her more natural darker look. Thanks to Kevin for sharing this shot 😉