Fanni’s Fanny (Original)

The second shot of Franni Leigh (not her real name!) by Terry Sparks taken in 1972 for Club International by Paul Raymond. This shot is very progressive for it’s time, as it shows that things were becoming more ‘open’ in the 1970’s.  Not only were shots becoming less subtle, they were also less censored with full on pubic hair shots that even showed the labia, such as above. I’m not saying shots like this weren’t taken before, but now they were being published with more on show and less imagination needed!

Thanks to Terry for this very colourful and open shot!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

June Palmer – Driving You Close to Drink! (Original)

Another original from JAS of June, this time posing in a bikini/frilly underwear set as she bends over the back of a vintage car. I’d not seen this shot or any others from the same set, so a new one to me, but another shot to add to the ‘June & Cars‘ set. Interestingly it looks to have been taken in someone’s back garden as you can see a swimming pool in the background, but the car does look rather close to that pool!

Thanks to JAS for sharing this great June shot.

June Palmer – A Walk on th Wild Side!

Two more shots of June appearing in Connoisseurs Choice & Modelling Review from the 1950’s. This time a naked June out and about in the sun from CC & MR Vol.4 No.7. I love the top shot of her waving behind as she wanders down some country lane stark naked and giving us an excellent view of her curves and that nice round arse!

Upfront With Ann Austin (Coloured)

It’s been a while since I posted a coloured image from Oldiznewagain, but this is a cracker! This is a coloured version of this orginal post and part of the ‘Floral Bikini‘ set of Ann posing in and around Ewhurst Manor and still one of my favourite sets of her. The colouring on this shot is exceptional and that is just the colour I imagined her jacker would be. Ewhurst in the background looks good to with it’s brown roofing, so overall excellent colouring from Oldiznewagain, as always 🙂