Nice Sombrero, But Who is She? – Lynn Reeves

This one is driving me mad! I came across this shot of a model I recognise, but damned if I can remember her name, which I’m sure will be obvious once I find out, but anyone know?
This along with several other well known 1960’s models were over on Flickr and posted by a user who’s Dad took the photo’s in the 1960’s.  I noticed shots of June Palmer, June Russell, Jayne Tracey, Elaine Desmond and the above model.  I’ve tried to contact him to see if there are others and let him know I’ve posted this shot (Always nice to ask!)
Great shot if I could remember who she was! Edit: Thanks to everyone that identified her as Lynn Reeves 🙂

June Palmer – A Figure That Opens Doors! (Original)

A simple but stunning shot of a nude June posing in a doorway for Stefan Glass in nothing more than high heels! You can see why June was the most popular UK glamour model in the 1960’s as her figure is flawless and as the title says opened so many doors for her! This shot is part of the huge Stefan Glass Set, but is a smaller sub set of shots of June posing in this doorway and on the stairs, more to come! It’s also a slightly cropped version of the original in line with the contact sheet version, which I will publish anon.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

June Palmer – Endowed From On High (Original)

Two shots from Itsgardin looking down from above and giving us a great view of June’s endowed chest up close! Taken at Strobe Studio’s in 1982, we also get to see the beloved sheepskin rug in use once more! What a position to find yourself in, stood over June looking down at her exposed ample chest! Oh what thoughts!

June on Glass in Colour – Part 3 (Original)

The last of the 3 restored coloured versions from June on Glass as the images produced from the glass plate negatives from John. Again, the original was very red, so I have  restored it as best I can under the circumstances, but still slightly pinker than I’d want.

Ann Walker – Divided Attention!

Ann Walker from the 1950’s Glamour book and published by Russell Gay for one of his magazines, but publication and photographer unknown (Terry Sparks?).  A great pose from Ann with bright red lips against the background of a wrought iron room divider, or whatever you want to call it!