The Secrets of Black Castle

I found this in a copy of Dazzling Dolls magazine amongst the naked beauties!  An advert for the 8mm films of Black Castle Part 1 & 2, A Hard Night, Impetuous and Beatnics.  I’m not sure if these are HM films, as I don’t recognise the film titles, but I sure do recognise the models in the advert and the dungeon set that appears in many HM photo’s and films. 

In no particular order some of the models are June Palmer, Virginia Green, Rita Landre, Lorraine BurnettRona Scott & Paula Page.  Anyone seen these films?

Album Eldorado Covers With Some Familiar Faces

Another nice little find of a magazine called Album Eldorado, which was a digest size magazine (6.7 x 9.6 inch) published in Denmark by Forlaget Studia Publications in the late 1950’s and 60’s.
The magazine consisted of 36 pages including covers, with a colour cover and the interior pages were illustrated throughout with black and white nude photographs. Another magazine that claimed it was a naturist magazine with full-page photographs of beautiful women in outdoor poses, basking in the sun and amidst nature. There was also an introduction page with brief text in Danish, English, and German. 
I don’t recognise some of the models, but by issue No.30 onwards they start to get very familiar 🙂



No.5 – Unknown


No.11 – Unknown


No.28 – Unknown


No.30Carron Gardiner


No.31 – Jackie Salt


Unknown No. – Pamela Green


No.33 – Unknown


Inside No.33 – June Palmer


No.34 – June Palmer


No.34  – Intro Page


No.35 – Jayne Tracey, Ewhurst Front


Inside No.35 -Jayne Tracey in Ewhurst Garden


No.36 – Wendy Luton


Inside No.36 – Maxine Miller in Ewhurst Garden


No.37 – Unknown

Other Vintage Magazines

Other Vintage Magazines from the 1950’s and 1960’s that were published by Harrison Marks or his companies, or feature one or more of my favourite models.  You will also find several Russell Gay publications as well.

Links take you directly to the images from that magazine or if more than one a thumbnail listing of the magazines in that series … Enjoy!

Fiesta Spring Special 1957
Nus Francais
 Album Eldorado
Forms in Color No.5
Forms in Color No.6
Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties
Square No.1
Photographic Rhythm No.1

Candy Earle’s Fanny!

Candy Earle on the Cover of Fanny Vol.2 No.1
The use of ‘Fanny’ as the title for this magazine always makes me laugh (must be the kid in me!) as it shows the different meanings of slang terms in the US and UK. Here in the UK, Fanny is slang for a woman’s Pussy (More Slang!), whereas in the US it’s slang for a woman’s bottom!  So  same area, but different part’s of a woman’s anatomy, but both parts are fixated on by men and women alike!  Either way you use the slang, Candy Earle sure has a nice Fanny!