Kamera Calendar 1963 (Jan – June)

Time for another Kamera Calendar, this time we go back a bit to 1963 and the cover and first 6 months.  

The cover of the calendar is a puzzle, according to some there were two versions on the calendar each year. One was for the general public, without cover and one for garages, business etc that was mounted and had a cover, or it could have been the other way around!  I’ve seen some on their original mounts on eBay with a cover.

Anyway on to 1963, including a cover 🙂

Cover – Tina Graham (Christine Carter)

January – Bridget Leonard

February – Ann Walker

March – Marie Deveraux

April – Pamela Green

May – Jackie Salt

June – Rita Landre (Pamela Green)

Thanks must go to John W for this set of scans and for getting his A3 scanner out so I didn’t have to stitch the images together 🙂

Note: All images, original or otherwise have been carefully edited and restored where required and a lot of effort has gone into this.  Please feel free to share, but kindly link back to this original if sharing elsewhere, Many Thanks! – Wonder

Beautiful Side Profile of Unknown Blonde

I love this image! It comes from Kamera No.40 and this stunning blonde appears on pages 13 and 28, along with the intro page below.
Again she looks familiar, but can’t put a name to her and not going to try this time!  Does anyone recognise her?  Kamera No.40 was published in 1962 if that helps and I’ve looked on the official GHM website model data to no avail.
I’ll add it to the unknown models page for reference.

The Opposites of Lorraine Burnett

From Kamera No.5, Page 32

Two contrasting shots of Lorraine Burnett, one with short blonde hair, the other long dark hair.  But both showing of her renowned bosom and figure to great effect, with the top one being my favourite. (Source:olgas-house-of-shame)