Wendy James

Two uncensored shots of Wendy James by Harrison Marks posing on the Chinese Garden set from Kamera No.82.  Another lesser known model that worked for GHM in the mid to late 1960’s and appeared in the Cornwall shoot for ‘Kamera on Location 1966’ and one glamour film aptly titled ‘Just Wendy’. I normally prefer a bigger bosom on my models, but there is something about this pert little pair on Wendy.

Wendy James – On Location 66

Kamera on Location 66 was shot over 2 weeks on location at Bedruthan Beach, Cornwall in the early summer of 1966 (14th May – 28th May).  Harrison Marks used 8 models to pose on and around the beach, which was used because of it’s secluded nature due to poor access.  There were 4 models the first week, which included Teri Martine, Nicky Stevens, Alicen Warden & of course Wendy James