Pillow Talk with Paula Page (Original)

It’s been a while since I’ve shown off the rather large assets of Paula Page, but here is one of her by Harrison Marks posing on the bed in his flat. Not the most flattering shot of her, but you still get a great view of her massive tits and smooth mound. Not sure what she’s doing with her hands in this shot to be honest 🙂

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  1. I think she has her hands out to cushion the fall she is going to have any second now. The pose is really an exercise in balance – chest and upper body forward, backside out, so her female bits are obscured (almost!) without the need for retouching. This is not a pose she could hold for long!

  2. You say the shot was taken in HM’s flat. Well, there’s nothing flat about Miss Page – truly, a lady who’ll never fall flat on her face

  3. Tremendous in every way, our paula!

  4. I’ve made my views of Ms Page known on these pages before. But I have to concede she looks almost feminine in this shot.

    You sure that’s Paula Page?

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