A Smooth & Slender Kitchen Beauty (Original)

Another stunning beauty this time with a beautiful slender body, small perky tits with slightly puffy nipples and a perfectly smooth mound. Taken by Harrison Marks on the Cinderella set I think this is actually Georgina Michele with a beehive hairstyle and fake beauty spot, but I’m not 100% sure. Looking at her figure and other parts they sure look the same, so could well be her 🙂

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  1. Direct hit. Another great ad for depilation.

  2. Wasn’t it Georgina who featured both in shaven and ‘natural’ (unshaven) poses in the depilation debate/vote back in 2017? This is a lovely revealing shot, tasteful, a great example of how depilation and smooth lines enhances the nude female form….

  3. Beautiful smooth body!

  4. I’d love her to wear a slinky cocktail dress with nothing on underneath and to take her to a smart bar to show her off. Her pert breasts don’t need any support and her shaven mound would not give anything away to the casual onlooker. The knowledge that she was naked underneath a thin layer of material would drive me wild with the anticipation of getting her back home! I’ve done this in real life and it’s a blast!


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