Unknown Blonde or Brunette? (Original)

An interesting shot of a 35mm original slide of an unknown blonde from a set sent over by Paul from Firebird. Interesting because not only is she a stunner sat there almost nude in the wicker chair, but also because she seems to have posed for Harrison Marks as well, or at least appeared in one of his films. If you look at this post of an advert of The Naked World of Harrison Marks and look at the page with the line of topless models I’m convince she is the second one from the back, but with darker hair?

Blonde or brunette she looks fabulous and obviously did the circuit of studio’s and photographers as so many others did, but who is she? I’ve added her to the growing list of unknown models as unknown Model No.71 🙂

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  1. I know it isn’t, but she reminds me of the lovely buxom “Carry On” actress Liz Fraser in this shot anyway.

    She famously appeared on a TV chat show, might have been Parkinson, wearing (almost) a very uplifting wasp waist-ed basque suspenders and black stockings, stating that this is how most people expected to her to show herself. Though in real life she was a bit of a sartorical frump.

    In my job once I had the pleasure of meeting her at her home, she was delightful (and covered up).


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