Eve Eden – Sexy When Wet! (Original)

I’ve posted a few shots from this set already of Eve Eden (Rosa Domaille) taken by Ed Alexander, but thought I’d share another great one for all to enjoy, plus all 8 shots I have for members below. Nothing too risque about these shots as Eve is dressed or wearing a bikini in all shots apart from the flash in the last one! But my god she had a great figure and wore that bikini to great effect and looks very appealing all wet and posing in the sea and on the rocks.

Ed photographed Eve many times later in her glamour career and always managed to get the best out of her and they are some of her best shots, some I would suggest being better than when she posed for GHM!

A big thank you to Kevin for sending over most of these shots and many others he had of Eve, as it’s always appreciated 🙂

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  1. Rosa was a babe!

    It looks too like the cover of Carnival July 1966 was taken from this set, and she looks even more impressive in colour.

  2. At least we get to get to see her tits in the final pic. Very nice they are too!

  3. That’s a pretty small bikini for the 1960s and she fills it beautifully. She really looks like she is having fun!

  4. Lovely to see a Bikini when wet with nipples shoving through.

  5. No worries Russ, she is my all time absolute fave 60’s babe

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