Hilde’s Bedroom Appeal (Original)

The first Christmas cracker up this year is the bedroom beauty Hilde Beck (Hyldagarde) posing on the bed for Harrison Marks from an original negative. One of my busty favourites and you do wonder if GHM bedded this beauty. Someone recently asked if he did sleep with his models and he did go out with several of his models and married two! It is also mentioned that on several occasions on location down in Cornwall he bedded several of the models during the 2 week stay. Randy bugger, but who wouldn’t bed this beauty given the chance 😉

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  1. Maybe he was just trying to put them at their ease. After all girls have needs too!

  2. A lovely view of the totally naked Hilde, a long-legged and full-breasted girl, with very sexy bare feet.
    Incidentally, I’m not surprised that GHM bedded his models. Pretty girls are vain and lascivious creatures, and posing nude in front of men who can ‘look but not touch’ is a big turn-on for them. And, in my own experience, no matter how many times they’ve done it, they cannot help becoming sexually aroused when baring themselves in front of a photographer. Even if their expression for the camera is demure, their physical excitement is real and undeniable. Added to that, GHM was not a bad-looking bloke, and he was in a powerful position from the models’ perspective: he was the boss who provided their paid work. Who wouldn’t have taken full advantage of the opportunities that offered!


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