A Wistful View! (Original)

Another artistic view of an unknown model looking wistfully out the window and I know how she feels! Although if I were indoors with her I may not be in such a rush to get out with that magnificent pair for company 🙂


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  1. Now that is precisely the 1960s look I like. Superb!
    Slender girl, long hair, naked and elegant. Just the kind of picture I aspired to in those days. More like this please.

  2. Another tasteful, yet quietly sexy shot! You’ve come up with a really eclectic selection this month – also the highest monthly total (so far) since Jan 2018. Very much appreciated!

    • Yes, now the site is behaving I’m back posting and enjoying the choice of images to post each day. Glad the selection is varied enough for all tastes, hopefully 🙂

  3. Beautiful study of womanhood

  4. Direct hit. But does Wonder have a follow-up (pref. full figure)?

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