Hungry For Clyda! (Original)

An original still of Clyda Rosen and co-stars on the set of the Harrison Marks 1973 glamour film ‘Dolly Mixture’. They seem to be getting to grips with Clyda and getting more than a mouthful.

Dolly Mixture is another of those later GHM films that were shot both in a full colour hardcore version for the overseas market. A week later they shot a black and white softcore version for the British market. This shot comes from the softcore version, along with over 80 other original negatives I’ve acquired 🙂

The lucky man getting to eat Clyda’s hairy pussy is “Short Jack Gold”. Clyda got so carried away filming the softcore version that the simulated sex ended up being the real thing.  It sure doesn’t look that simulated to me in this shot 😉


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  1. Wow, really getting his face wet there! I wonder what his views would be on the ‘hairy v. smooth’ debate?

  2. Would this be like her asking me to shave off my beard?

  3. Not keen on such a hairy muff, though I know many of you guys here enjoy the tickly stuff – but I’d not be keen to go down on her like that; think I’d rather concentrate on those great boobs instead.

  4. I used to have a copy of this film. Wish I still had it, probably worth a fortune.

    The projector failed in a big way, and BetaMax video was just getting off the ground, so I simply dumped the projector, realising later this film was still attached to it.

    Ah well that’s life, you win some and lose some.


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