Breda – A Full Length Beauty! (Original)

Another stunning shot of Breda Challen by Terry Sparks. Breda was actually her model name with her real name being Veronica Ronnis. She posed for Terry in the shot above and previous shots on 26th July 1971.

This is a stunning full length shot of her, which was very 70ā€™s and shows off the front view of Breda. A great view of those small perky tits and dark thick bush highlighted by the tan lines. All enhanced with a rather nice long chain around her neck to show of that perfect figure. Love the 70’s round globe light in the foreground as well šŸ™‚

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  1. Oh yes. A great figure and a lovely pose. I love the way she is so at ease with being naked. Dare I say it? – the kind of shot that is better in monochrome and all the better for a bush!. Love it.


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